Vladimir Antchak

Vladimir Antchak

Lecturer in Events Management, University of Derby, United Kingdom
Doctor of Philosophy

The teamwork and outstanding support from his supervisors was what he enjoyed most about his studies, says Dr Vladimir Antchak who completed his Doctor of Philosophy in event management.

“We were a brilliant team. The professionalism, work ethic and calmness of my supervisors maintained my confidence during some challenging times of my PhD journey. Our meetings and discussions encouraged new ideas and concepts to conquer our imagination.

“A PhD can be a lonely process. Even if you have good supervisors, it’s not a group project. However, I had two brilliant supervisors – Associate Professor Tomas Pernecky and Professor Michael Lück – who advised me and critiqued me throughout the process.”

Choosing AUT
After a successful career in event management in his native Russia, Vladimir felt ready to return to academia and take on doctoral study.

“I have extensive experience in event management, planning and producing events of different scales in Russia, but I wanted to return to academia. New Zealand was ‘terra incognita’ for me, and I had always dreamt of exploring the country and its spirit.

“AUT was my first and final choice in terms of where to study. I wrote an email to the head of the event management department and he responded the following day, welcoming me and explaining all the steps I needed to follow. That was amazing. And then I applied for the Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship, and got it.”

Vladimir, who was an international student at AUT, says he appreciated the support available to postgraduate students.

“At AUT, every PhD candidate receives a research fund to cover research costs. That was very helpful. AUT also has an outstanding library, and you can get any book or journal article.”

Cities and their key events
For his PhD thesis, Vladimir focused on major events in large urban areas across New Zealand.

“The overall aim of my research project was to investigate the complexity of major events portfolio design within different urban contexts, through the lenses of city councils and public agencies responsible for the development and implementation of event strategies and policies.

“My motivation was to fill the gaps in the field of public event management and develop a holistic guideline for academics and professionals on how to plan and develop sustainable and successful portfolios of events.”

After completing his Doctor of Philosophy, the AUT alumnus is now a lecturer in event management and programme leader for the BA (Hons) in Event Management at the University of Derby in the United Kingdom.