Veer Khanna

Veer Khanna

Credit Analyst, Institutional and Business Banking Division, Westpac NZ
Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance

Accounting is the language of business, says Veer Khanna who completed a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance.

“I love being able to understand and interpret what position a business is in through their financials. Accounting and finance are quite diverse majors and can lead to multiple different roles and industries; ranging from roles within the public sector, the private sector to even starting your own business and following an entrepreneurial pathway. You could have a role in business strategy where you’re leading the next steps a business can make; alternatively you could also get into an advisory role where you are helping others in financial stress.”

The workplace experience component of his degree gave Veer a good idea what his future could look like – he worked at EY as an assurance intern, one of the world’s leading accounting firms and enjoyed the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.

After completing his studies at the end of 2020, he has now joined Westpac NZ as a credit analyst and enjoys making a positive difference to businesses across New Zealand.

“In my new role I work on lending applications that businesses send through to Westpac. Some deals going up to $1 million in business lending. These applications can range from a gym wanting finance for new gym equipment to a client wanting to start their own franchise. I get to work on a different application each day. I love the opportunity of being able to progress in a role where I can continuously problem solve and learn new things.”

Connections and opportunities
For Veer, there were many highpoints throughout his time at AUT.

“My highlights include meeting new people, making new friends and developing into a better version of myself throughout my tertiary journey. Through the Employability Lab I was able to excel towards becoming a more employable student which played an integral role in shaping my professional career. I also participated in the AUT Edge Award, which was a very enjoyable and interesting experience. Through volunteering, participating in leadership roles and attending employability workshops I felt confident going into the workforce as an AUT graduate.”

During his time at AUT, Veer also completed a Green Impact Auditor Certificate, received a scholarship for the CO.STARTERS entrepreneurship programme, and was part of the Executive Board for the Accounting Association and the AUT Investment Club.

He was impressed by the staff he met throughout his studies, says Veer who balanced his studies with his work at AA Insurance.

“I enjoyed interacting with the AUT staff who really took the time to support students like myself. I was also able to get in touch with a brilliant course advisor who really helped shape my university papers and overall experience, enabling me to get as far as I have. I appreciate the support from my lecturers and everyone at the Employability Lab. AUT is a place where you’re able to feel valued as a person, which is continuously shown through their support.”

Advice for other students
Throw yourself into new things, Veer says.

“It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to sign up for things and for it to not work out, it’s okay to have shortcomings, but not doing so can lead to regret. I would recommend applying for internships, joining clubs, networking and pushing to try out new extra-curriculars. Chase your dreams and interests with the time you have now, as the future is uncertain – an example being the impact of COVID-19. Do not wait for the ‘perfect time’ because it never really comes; instead do all that you can do with the time you have right now. Companies nowadays are looking towards well-rounded students and a good way to stand out is through extra-curriculars.”

Make sure to use all the support that’s offered, he adds.

“At AUT, everyone is super supportive, from our lecturers and faculty staff helping with our education to the student clubs and employability team helping support students get more involved with extra-curriculars. Make the most of your support system and don’t wait for someone to give you opportunities – you have to seek them out yourself.”

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