Van-Tin Doan

Van-Tin Doan

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

For his PhD in hospitality, Van-Tin Doan is investigating the job performance of employees with disabilities in the food service industry.

“People with disabilities in Vietnam are experiencing a high rate of unemployment, which may lead to them living in poverty. I hope my research findings can further our knowledge about the working abilities of people with disabilities, and can advocate for a better life for them.”

He has found the perfect supervisors for his PhD, says Van-Tin whose research is supervised by Associate Professor Peter B Kim and Dr Shelagh Mooney from AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism.

“I contacted all the universities that offer a PhD programme in hospitality, and Associate Professor Peter B Kim and Dr Shelagh Mooney, who are now my supervisors, were the first to reply to my emails. They showed an interest in the topic, and I’m grateful for the support I’ve received from them, even when I was still in Vietnam.

“With the support from my supervisors, I’ve also been awarded a New Zealand Aid scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affair and Trade.”

Supported to thrive
AUT is a young but very active university, Van-Tin says.

“I love the way AUT has established so many innovative initiatives and robust international partnership with many countries and organisations. I enjoy being surrounded by so many proactive staff and students here at AUT.”

He admits that doing PhD research can be a lonely and harsh journey.

“My advice for future PhD students is to look for the supervision from an active team like my two supervisors at AUT. I’m lucky to have great supervisors – they’re like my mum and dad; strict but always willing to listen and help me if I have problems.”

A passion for academia
He is passionate about teaching and doing research in sustainable development, says Van-Tin.

“My aspiration is to become a lecturer who can inspire young people to do great things for their community and the environment. That’s why I wanted to learn and develop my teaching and researching capacity through my PhD journey.”

Expecting to complete his studies in 2021, Van-Tin already knows what will come next.

“I want to follow my career development in academia.”

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