Tuan (John) Bui

Tuan (John) Bui

Master of IT Project Management student

His master’s degree will provide him with a professional qualification to further his career, says Tuan (John) Bui who came to AUT as an international student from Vietnam to study a Master of IT Project Management.

“I’ve worked as a business analyst in both Vietnam and Australia, and decided to study the Master of IT Project Management to advance my knowledge and skills for my career as an ICT business analyst.

“I spent a lot of time and effort to find the most suitable programme for me, and decided to come to AUT because of its rating and student feedback, and the fact that AUT is located in Auckland. Once I graduate at the end of the year, I plan to apply for a job with a large business in Auckland.”

A worthwhile investment
He would highly recommend the Master of IT Project Management, says John.

“The course structure is well designed and very practical. You don’t just learn something and then leave it aside after you graduate; you can apply the skills you develop to improve the quality of your daily job.”

Postgraduate study is a worthwhile investment he adds.

“It’s an investment in yourself to increase your value and career prospects. My advice would be to go ahead and apply. Be confident with your decision as it’s worth it – you won’t regret what you’re about to receive.”

An excellent learning environment
He appreciates the study environment AUT offers.

“In addition to the lectures, you also need to spend some time on self-study if you want to achieve good results. Studying at the library is what I’ve enjoyed most. The facilities here couldn’t be any better and I’m impressed with the decor.  Level 5 and 6 at the library are ‘silent study’ areas, where the silence is absolutely respected. It’s where I get most of my assessments done.”

The assessments can be a bit of a challenge, John admits.

“The lecture notes will never be enough to cover everything you’re being asked in the assessments. You’ll need to spend more time to do further research in order to come up with your answers.”

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