Trisha Thakker

Trisha Thakker

Master of Analytics student
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Analytics

Her studies helped her discover her passion for analytics and data science, says Trisha Thakker who came to AUT to complete a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences and is now enrolled in a Master of Analytics.

“I decided to major in analytics after completing an algebra class as part of my computing degree, and was surprised to find how much I actually liked maths. At first, I was still a little unsure if that was the right choice for me but that changed when I had Dr Robin Hankin as a lecturer. He was an inspirational, passionate and incredible teacher, and really inspired me to keep going. He showed me the joy in maths and applying it to big data.

“I’ve loved finding something I’m passionate about and being able to learn all the skills required to be successful in this field. I’m now studying a Master of Analytics at AUT, and eventually want a career as business analyst or data scientist.”

An easy decision
Attending a career fair at her high school encouraged her to apply for AUT’s Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences, Trisha says.

“AUT staff members were doing a presentation on this degree, and I loved the way the programme was laid out, the things we’d learn and the way classes were designed. Having smaller labs and class sizes seemed like it would help so much with learning, and the pathways offered were also great options to allow for going into any field in the future.”

The modern university environment offered by AUT also appealed to her.

“AUT seemed like a really fun place where people actually enjoy studying. The environment, people, and layout of the university is really great and makes learning an enjoyable experience. I’ve absolutely loved meeting like-minded students who made studying so much fun, as well as some amazing lecturers who inspired and helped me a lot.”

Advice for other students
Trisha, who graduated with her Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in March 2021, has some great advice for other students.

“Make friends and talk to others, even if you feel awkward at first. Don’t ever, ever leave assignments to the last minute. No matter what, go to lab sessions and make sure to stay on your lecturers’ good side. They’re a lot nicer and more helpful than you may think they are.”

She would highly recommend AUT’s Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences to other students, Trisha says.

“Through this degree, you learn a lot of skills and languages that enable you to be successful in the future. The programme is well designed, and the lecturers have consistently been really amazing. It’s also really easy to make friends and the learning environment is fantastic, particularly the amazing new engineering, computer and mathematical sciences building at the AUT City Campus.”

*The Analytics major has been replaced by the Data Science major.

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