Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen

Master of Marketing student

Completing the Master of Marketing will be the next step in her marketing career, says Trang Nguyen who came to AUT as an international student from Vietnam.

“Before I came to AUT, I worked as a marketing manager for a food and beverage company, looking after the company’s marketing and business development. I would definitely recommend AUT’s Master of Marketing. This programme doesn’t only focus on the marketing aspects, but also equips students with fundamental knowledge of accounting, economics and management.

“I believe with the experience and knowledge I’ve developed at AUT anything is possible. At the end of the year, I’ll graduate with a strengthened ability to create effective and feasible marketing strategies. This will be really helpful to develop my career as a marketer and apply for a marketing position in a new environment that is different from that in my home country.”

A global outlook
She enjoys the diverse learning environment AUT offers, says Trang who is proud of passing her studies so far with distinction.

“AUT provides a really international environment, which helps students become familiar with the real workplace outside the university. Globalisation is in progress, and students need to adapt quickly to make sure they don’t stay behind the trend.

“AUT is ranked in the top 1.2% of universities in the world, which is evidence for the quality of its education. AUT is also the youngest of New Zealand’s universities, which makes it the most dynamic and innovative university in the country. These characteristics are particularly important for innovative fields like marketing.”

Because teamwork is an essential part of the Master of Marketing, learning in such a global environment can have its challenges, Trang admits.

“For most of our papers we work in teams made up of students from many different backgrounds. We may not know each other at first, but right from the start we have to work as a team, which can be a challenge at times. Fortunately, the lecturers are willing to support and guide us clearly to ensure that the teams work well together.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to graduate in December 2019, Trang has some great advice for other students.

“My advice for other students is to keep trying, have faith in yourself and put your belief in the right place. At AUT, your leadership and teamwork skills will be enhanced notably, which is essential to succeed in your chosen career path.”

Make the most of the opportunities available to AUT students, she adds.

“There are many activities you can join while you’re at AUT, including workshops that help you prepare well before you’re applying for a job. There’s also a huge community of current students and alumni, coupled with the AUT Student Hub, that will stand by you.”

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