Tracy Han

Tracy Han

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies & Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations conjoint programmes

Deciding to study at AUT was easy, says Tracy Han who completed Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business conjoint programmes.

“AUT is the university for the changing world, not only because it offers relevant, industry relevant knowledge, it also gives students exposure to international experiences and encourages them to develop their C skills – collaboration, co-operation, community, curiosity, communication and creativity. This helps create ‘great graduates’ who are ready to take on new challenges within the future of work.

“One of the things I liked about AUT is that within most of the undergraduate programmes it’s compulsory to complete workplace experience in an area relevant to your studies. This has been incredibly valuable for me, and I even gained an offer of part-time employment from the organisation where I completed my workplace experience.”

Diverse perspectives
After initially enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts, Tracy decided to switch to conjoint programmes in her second year, after a suggestion from one of her lecturers.

“I’ve always had an interest in people and learning about language and different cultures. I was intending to include a business major as part of my degree anyway, so it didn’t take me long to decide to pursue conjoint programmes. Studying conjoint programmes also meant I had greater flexibility and more variety in choosing papers.”

She would highly recommend studying conjoint programmes to other students, says Tracy.

“Conjoint programmes offer so much content from two different degrees, and equip students with the unique ability to understand the world through diverse perspectives.”

A great student culture
The student experience at AUT is not limited to the academic opportunities but also includes different international experiences you can be exposed to, Tracy says.

“For me, one of my most memorable extracurricular experiences was being selected to attend the 2017 APEC Voices of the Future Youth Forum in Da Nang, Vietnam as a New Zealand delegate on behalf of AUT.

“This experience was significant because it was an opportunity to meet youth delegates from other economies and for me to apply the intercultural skills I learned from my international studies papers.”

At AUT it’s easy to get support, Tracy says.

“AUT has a great culture in the sense that there’s always someone you can always go to for support when needed, whether it be your lecturers, classmates, members of staff or student services.”