Toni Clark

Toni Clark

Digital Design Intern, Red Antler, New York City
Bachelor of Design in Communication Design

Te Āti Awa, Taranaki, Ngāpuhi

She has always wanted to improve digital experiences, says Toni Clark who completed a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design at AUT.

“User experience/user interface stood out as a great path for me to take, and I love that the field is fast-paced and constantly evolving. I was fortunate to have had the guidance of great lecturers who taught me how to look at the world through many different lenses, shaping the way I see the world around me. I also built strong relationships with my peers, and getting to exhibit my graduate work alongside them was a huge highlight for me.”

Toni appreciated that AUT adapts it offerings to meet the changing needs of industry and society.

“AUT is always evolving its curriculum to align with the industry and has forward-thinking lecturers to ensure that when we graduate, we have the best chance at assimilating into our trained profession with the confidence and tools we need. Many designers I admire have come from AUT and I think that is a testament to the strong education the School of Art and Design offers.”

Growing as a designer
After graduating at the end of 2018, Toni is now interning at Red Antler in New York City; an opportunity she got through the Internz International Scholarship Programme.

“I decided to apply for the Internz internship because there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. Red Antler has a well-considered approach to design, and is constantly redefining what it means to be a brand. They’re pushing the boundaries with each project and as a designer I couldn’t think of a better environment to be.”

Her experience has been a good balance between UX design and visual design, Toni says.

“Some days I’m wireframing, building prototypes and user testing, and on other days I’m dabbling in app user interfaces. What I enjoy most is the ability to move between a range of different projects, knowing that each small contribution I make is adding value. With each project I work on, the lessons I learn are invaluable to my growth as a designer. That’s a tribute to working alongside so many inspiring and thoughtful designers.”

Advice for other students
Be open-minded, Toni advises other students.

“Having a sense of openness is one of the most valuable attributes you can have. Never close your mind to what you think may be out of reach because chances are, you’re the only thing standing in your way.”

Kindness is important, she adds.

“My other piece of advice is: always be kind.”

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