Todd Collis

Todd Collis

Architectural Graduate, Chow:Hill Architects
Master of Architecture (Professional) with Honours (First Class)

He wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AUT’s architecture programme, says Todd Collis who works at Chow:Hill Architects and completed his Master of Architecture (Professional) in 2022.

“AUT’s architecture programme helps to prepare you for an industry that has moved well beyond isolated workflows and requires a huge amount of collaborative work every day.

“I liked that the programme at AUT was new and fresh, and seemed exciting; focusing on collaboration projects and indigenous knowledge sensitivity. I most enjoyed the collaborative teamwork approach to projects – it was more authentic to a real-life modern workplace and helped me become more prepared to engage in my industry.”

The next career step
Todd had been working as an architectural technician for a number of years but decided to enrol in the Master of Architecture (Professional) to achieve his goal of becoming a registered architect.

“Completing a master’s degree in architecture is a prerequisite for becoming a registered architect in New Zealand, and that is one of my career goals.”

He is now well on his way towards achieving this goal and has been working as an architectural graduate since completing his studies.

“I’ve returned to Chow:Hill Architects – the same company where I was working before studying at AUT – but have changed from being an architectural technician to now working as an architectural graduate. What I enjoy most about my new role is being able to increase my ability to work within and lead a team of professionals in creating designs.”

New perspectives
For his master’s degree research, Todd developed a new architectural design strategy, which he then applied to a theoretical architectural design in Rotorua.

“I worked with my research team at AUT alongside Te Tatau o Te Arawa, a pan-iwi governance group in Rotorua, to support their vision of the region through conceptual architecture.

“Through this programme I produced a design methodology called Mesh Architecture, which uses experimental mapping strategies to discover ecological relationships. Through mapping relationships, I was able to create a framework for designing architecture through new perspectives.”

Todd’s research was supervised by Associate Professor Amanda Yates.

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