Tingting Zhang

Tingting Zhang

Lecturer, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Doctor of Philosophy

User behaviour in an online context was the interesting topic Dr Tingting Zhang researched for her Doctor of Philosophy in business information systems.

“When people judge the relevance and credibility of user-generated content in professional online communities, they tend to at least partly rely on others’ feedback on this content. My research investigated how professionals could be motivated to provide feedback in these types of communities.

“The research revealed a motivational process underlying the feedback activity and provided practical guidelines on how to encourage professionals to provide feedback.”

She chose AUT for its reputation for internationalisation and innovation, says Tingting who came to AUT as an international student from China.

The support to succeed
She says the many support services provided by AUT made her study enjoyable.

“I liked that the academic staff at AUT were willing to share their knowledge and experience with us. The administrative staff were friendly, resourceful and always there to help. I also enjoyed that there were regular get-together functions for postgraduate students.”

She also appreciated the fees award she received to support her financially during her studies, Tingting says.

“The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at AUT awarded me a doctoral fees award, which helped me out and supported my study.”

A solid foundation for an academic career
After completing her AUT PhD in 2014, Tingting is now a lecturer at the University of Science and Technology Beijing in China. She says she constantly draws on the skills she developed during her time at AUT.

“I still use the academic skills I developed at AUT – including data analysis skills and writing skills – in my current research, especially when it comes to writing articles and project proposal fund applications. The teaching skills I gained at AUT are also very useful and helpful for my teaching now.

“I would definitely recommend this programme. AUT’s doctoral degree provides a systematic training on research methodology, data analysis, and academic writing, which lays a solid foundation for your future academic career.”

She also enjoys reconnecting with AUT and participating in the university’s alumni events.

“Every year, AUT organises a few alumni events in China and I attended one held in Beijing. During the event, I made some new friends and talked about potential collaboration opportunities for research. Such events provide great opportunities for us to broaden our academic networks.”

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