Timoti Wharewaka

Timoti Wharewaka

Cloud Application Senior Analyst, Accenture
Postgraduate Certificate in Computer and Information Sciences
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in IT Service Science & Networks and Security


Technology is shaping the future landscape we will live in, says AUT computing alumnus Timoti Wharewaka.

“I decided to study computing because I could see that a degree in computer and information science would enable me to be at the forefront of innovation and new development. AUT was the university of my choice because I really liked the structure of the degree. I also had the opportunity to explore which area of IT I enjoyed before specialising in a specific field.”

There were many highlights throughout his studies, Timoti says.

“Building lifelong friendships was the highlight of my time at university. My friends all shared the same passion for IT that I did, and we shared the university experience together. Another highlight for me was completing my final-year research and development project, which involved helping a large organisation improve its IT systems.

“I also appreciated that AUT is constantly evolving its programmes so that the content taught aligns with the IT industry, and that AUT has a strong culture of inclusion.”

A passion for technology
Now working as a cloud application senior analyst for leading global professional services company Accenture, Timoti enjoys using his skills to help clients.

“I really enjoy working within a team to help solve problems for our clients. I also like working within an environment that is strongly aligned with my passion for technology and a place where I can continue to build my skills.”

His studies have prepared him well for his role now, Timoti says.

“AUT has provided me with the skills I need to transition successfully into the workplace. I also believe that a degree from AUT differentiates you from other graduates.”

Advice for other students
Timoti, who graduated at the end of 2017, has some great advice for other students.

“Being open minded and having a strong willingness to learn is the best attitude to have to really thrive at AUT. This kind of mentality can also be used in everyday life and especially in your professional career.”

It’s also important to meet other people, he adds.

“Making friends with your classmates is key because you share the journey together and your goals are the same. Through building these relationships with other students, the university experience will be much more enjoyable.”

Employer comment

“Timoti joined Accenture through an internship programme. Timoti stood out and exhibited qualities that we look for in our employees, such as team work, determination, enthusiasm, drive, professionalism and ability. He also showed that he had developed a solid foundation of both technical and interpersonal skills while at university and through participating in extracurricular activities.

“At Accenture, we look for a wide range of aptitudes in our technology graduates. Timoti has been able to bring a solid technical skillset to the role. His experiences at AUT have given him the ability to break complex problems into parts and propose possible solutions, be an effective communicator, take initiative, ask for and apply feedback to improve, be adaptable and comfortable dealing with ambiguity, be outcome-focused, and seek to understand the broader team’s priorities and goals. He also has a high learning agility and the ability to assimilate information and learn new techniques and methodologies quickly.”

Daniel Lund, Cloud First NZ Lead, Accenture

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