Tia Feng

Tia Feng

Bachelor of Art and Design (Honours)
Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

For fashion alumna Tia Feng, studying at AUT has been a rollercoaster of exciting opportunities and learning experiences, but has ultimately opened up a realistic understanding of the current fashion industry in New Zealand.

“The opportunities and resources at AUT have greatly developed my skills and shaped my perspective on the opportunities open to me within the fashion industry. My study has also helped me form relationships with industry professionals that are beginning to pave the way for my career.”

Now working as a designer, Tia showed her latest collection, SS18 “Hard Candy”, at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 in the Graduates Show. She has also been working with upcoming New Zealand artist Theia who wore a full Tia Feng SS18 outfit at the New Zealand Vodafone Music Awards 2017. Tia has also been working with Theia to style her first album’s artwork/album look book.

Overseas experience
Overseas experiences are some of the exciting opportunities AUT has presented; offering Tia an engagement with fashion at an international level.

“During my undergraduate years, I was fortunate to take part in an international exchange at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. This led to internships at Rodarte and Peter Som in New York City, through the relationships I built with lecturers and fellow creatives during my time overseas.

“In my final year, AUT presented two international opportunities: the Vietnam-New Zealand Fashion competition, where AUT students partnered with Vietnamese fashion students to collaboratively create a fashion collection and showcase on a runway in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Arts of Fashion American 2015 competition, where I was very fortunate to become a Top 50 Worldwide Finalist and have my collection shown on a runway in San Francisco.”

In May 2016, Tia was one of six New Zealand fashion students who travelled to New Delhi to participate in the Runway to New Zealand event, collaborating with Indian fashion students to create a fashion collection using Indian fabrics.

Superstar shows off graduate designs
AUT’s links to the fashion industry also led to an unexpected celebrity styling encounter, Tia says.

“AUT’s links with fashion PR agency Showroom 22 led to a photoshoot with Grimes in Coup de Main magazine, using one of the more conceptual pieces from my AUT Rookie fashion show collection.”

Tia says her 2015 collection was about escapism, but there was no escaping the hard work required to bring her dream to reality – her standout piece was a faux fur jacket that put her skills to the test.

“The silhouette was achieved through extensive pattern cutting and lightweight stuffing. The construction of the jacket was time-consuming, and sewing the parts together required much effort. Putting that furry monster of a jacket through the sewing machine made it the hardest but most memorable garment to date.”