Thomas Tran

Thomas Tran

Senior Solicitor, Pacific Legal Limited
Master of Laws student
Bachelor of Laws

The core of a lawyer’s role is to help clients achieve what they’re legally entitled to, says Thomas Tran who is now a senior consultant at immigration specialist law firm Pacific Legal Limited.

“Mounting a legal challenge is not a straightforward task, and no two cases are the same. This means that to effectively advocate for clients, a lawyer needs to apply a range of legal principles to a set of facts. For me this is fascinating. I really enjoy it.

“Every time I’m able to help my clients obtain a desired outcome for their matters, I feel that I’ve fulfilled my role and am proud of it.”

Supporting students’ learning
Studying law can prepare you for a wide range of careers, Thomas says.

“The skills to question the status quo, critically analyse and change things for the better are what I believe only a degree in law can offer. These skills are not only relevant and useful for a career in law, but also for other professions.”

He would highly recommend AUT’s Bachelor of Laws degree to others.

“I chose the AUT Law School because students are taught by academics and practitioners who are experts in their fields, and AUT provides sufficient and modern resources to support students’ learning.

“Because of the nature of a law degree, the workload can be significant. However, the abundance of teaching and student support resources is helpful. For example, learning materials are available online and some of the papers are also taught at the AUT South Campus, which saves a huge amount of travelling time for students based in South Auckland.”

Taking on postgraduate study
After completing his Bachelor of Laws at the end of 2018, Thomas is now enrolled in AUT’s Master of Laws, balancing part-time study with his successful law career.

“I’m doing a Master of Laws by research, focusing on property law. My research is about the Unit Title Act 2010 and is supervised by Associate Professor Rod Thomas from the AUT Law School.”

He has appreciated the teaching approach of AUT’s law programmes, Thomas says.

“I’ve enjoyed the teaching method at the AUT Law School. It bolsters graduates’ readiness to apply the skills they have learnt to solve real problems in practice.”

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