Thiri Khit

Thiri Khit

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Laws

Her lecturers have made her studies special, says Thiri Khit who is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws.

“My lecturers have been amazing! You should definitely talk to your lecturers – they genuinely care for you and your wellbeing.”

Thiri knows what she is talking about. As an international student from Myanmar, she would often miss home and was a little disappointed that her parents couldn’t attend the finals of the law student competitions she was participating in.

“I missed my family dearly and wanted them to see me compete more than anything. However, my lecturers came and congratulated me instead. It was an extremely heart-warming experience and a strong push for me to keep going. Moreover, the dean of the AUT Law School has always supported me, from mere questions about the law to deep personal issues. Thank you.”

A passion for law
She had long been interested in law, Thiri says.

“I’ve always had a passion for law, however when I was younger, I wasn’t necessarily always an A student. When I brought up the idea of studying law with my family, they weren’t as encouraging as the workload law school offers was immensely high. So, as all teens do best, I decided to rebel and take on the degree.”

Thiri has certainly achieved that and can feel proud of the achievements she has had throughout her studies so far.

“I’m very proud of the awards I’ve received, including being named the champion in the Bell Gully Junior Moot and receiving the Kuddus Shield as AUT’s Most Improved Mooter. I was also a finalist in the Buddle Findlay Senior Negotiations, as well as a semi-finalist in the Bell Gully Senior Moot and in the Chapman Tripp Junior Negotiations.”

Supported to thrive
She would highly recommend AUT’s law degree to other students, says Thiri who hopes to move into either corporate or criminal law when she graduates.

“I would definitely recommend the Bachelor of Laws. I’ve personally seen a massive development from Year 1 to Year 3, especially in my critical thinking skills. The lecturers’ encouragement to ask questions and to ‘give things a go’ certainly did open the door to various opportunities.”

The law student competitions and the lecturers are what she has enjoyed most about her time at AUT.

“Without my lecturers, I wouldn’t have woken up for my 8am classes and actually enjoyed class. They have helped me in so many ways, from teaching me to be detail-oriented to helping me cope with personal matters. I also truly recommend participating in the competitions held by the AULSS and the Mooting Society; they are truly the heart of the game!”

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