Theresa Hill

Theresa Hill

Wrangler, The Ranch at Emerald Valley, Colorado Springs, USA
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Outdoor Education

She loves her work, says sport and recreation alumna Theresa Hill who is currently interning at The Ranch at Emerald Valley, which is part of luxury hotel The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

“In this role, I work with horses and take ranch guests on trail rides in the Rocky Mountains. I really enjoy working with the animals. Interacting with a lot of different people is also interesting to me and I love hearing everyone’s story.”

She had long considered applying for this internship, says Theresa who graduated in 2017 and got the sought-after internship through the AUT Internz International Scholarship Programme.

“I had been looking at this particular internship for about two years. I was originally interested in interning at Paramount Recording Studios in LA because I'm really into my music, but then I discovered the internship at The Broadmoor. I figured that this would fit in with well my sports degree.”

Learning new skills and making friends
She has had many highlights throughout her time at AUT, says Theresa.

“My lecturers were pretty top notch in their fields, and I really gelled with the structure of the teaching and did quite well. In my first semester I even made the dean’s list for outstanding students.”

However, it was the friends she made that stood out most about her university experience.

“Being part of the Out@AUT club was a really big highlight. I met a lot of people, including my best friend, and was able to give back to my community through the committee. I also moved into a flat with some pretty inspiring ladies, which I’m still friends with.”

Advice for other students
Make the most of your time at university, Theresa advises other students.

“My advice would be to get involved, join a club, go to class and meet people. The people you meet at university will spread out across the world after graduation, which can lead to cheap accommodation in a form of a couch when you travel.

“Don’t do all of your assignments the night before they’re due, like I did. That’s very stressful! You may also find that you take a real liking to a topic and wish you had the time to do more research on it. A lot of papers also give you the choice to include an element of personal interest – pick something that interests you, you’ll find it helps with your motivation.”

She also has some wise words for students planning on going overseas through one of the AUT Internz internships.

“Make sure you take about twice as much money as they recommend as there can be some hidden costs when you’re establishing yourself in a new country. Don’t forget to look up cool touristy things to do in the area you’re going to, and when you get there, ask the locals about things to do as they’ll have heaps of recommendations.”

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