Terina Hauraki

Terina Hauraki

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments

Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Wai

She decided to study architecture because it was a good fit with her favourite high school subject, Design and Visual Communication, says Terina Hauraki who is now completing a Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments.

“When searching for a degree that was closely related to Design and Visual Communication, architecture was the perfect choice. I love designing in a way that considers all the natural and unnatural elements, incorporating personal touches to complete the brief or assignments.

“I chose to come to AUT because a main focus for me is to ensure that I’ll enjoy my time at university and have fun while learning. The programmes that AUT creates always incorporate a mixture of workshop-based learning and lecture-based theory learning. Being able to apply my learning to hands-on practices has been a huge part of my tertiary journey and development, and AUT opens up many opportunities to achieve this.”

Now in the second year of her degree, Terina already has a good idea how she sees her future after graduation.

“After finishing my degree, I’d love to look into housing developments around Northland and Auckland to provide research and understanding of the possible developments and opportunities for communities.”

An enjoyable journey
For Terina, there have been plenty of highlights throughout her studies so far.

“I’ve enjoyed the interactions both in and out of class with other students. Making friends is awesome and super easy. The other students have been nothing but encouraging and always find a way to make you feel good about your work. This has been a steppingstone to finding confidence in myself and my work.

“It’s always a thrill and achievement to know that I’ve completed work with my best effort. Another huge achievement for me was making the AUT women's volleyball team two years consecutively and also being team captain.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments to other students.

“This programme is heaps of fun, and super focused on providing education to students in both theory and workshop methods. Not only do you work individually but you’re also given the opportunity to work with others, which is a positive aspect to learning. The tutors and lecturers are always encouraging and very open to students bringing their own flair and applying it to their work.”

Advice for other students
Terina has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice would be to find your fun space, ensure that you enjoy your university time and always manage your time well through making calendars or lists which can structure your time. My biggest piece of advice is to always ask, and never be afraid to go to other students and lecturers. Even if they don't give you a helpful response, sometimes that is the best brainstorm time for yourself.”

She herself also keeps in mind advice from one of her lecturers.

“I still remember when one lecturer said, ‘There is never a limit to what you do’. From there on, I’ve always designed in a way that is completely out of the spectrum, although I’ve been able to mould it to fit the brief. Thinking and ideating with no limits allows me to think of endless possibilities but still based within reality.”

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