Taylor Evans

Taylor Evans

Delivery Manager, Bank of New Zealand  
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations

The people are what she loves most about her career, says communication studies alumna Taylor Evans who is now a delivery manager for the Bank of New Zealand. She joined BNZ at the start of 2021, after seven years at Westpac New Zealand Ltd.

“In this role, I’m responsible for supporting and delivering change to our staff and customers where it matters most. I get to work with a range of different internal and external stakeholders, and it’s amazing what you can achieve – and learn – by working closely with others to deliver a piece of work.”

Throughout her career as a communications professional in the banking sector, Taylor has had a number of achievements she is particularly proud of. However, working through a global pandemic has been one of the most memorable experiences for her.

“Temporarily closing 140 branches, pulling together marketing and communications, organising PPE supplies and supporting change in a matter of days was an awesome achievement. The pandemic really showed us what we’re capable of when called to action. It has set the scene for future change.”

The right university environment
For Taylor, her journey into the world of PR started when she came to AUT to enrol in a communications degree.

“I studied a Bachelor of Communication Studies with a major in public relations and a minor in radio. What I liked about AUT is that it prioritised the practical application of skills. Because I learn by doing, this approach appealed to me.”

While she has many fond memories from her time at university, her third-year public relations project was one of the highlights for her.

“Together with some of my classmates I created a networking platform for young women, called Miss Career. I specifically took on the role of sponsorship manager and was able to use my strategic initiative to pull together catering and promotional goodie bags for our attendees. Our supplier response rate averaged above the norm, and I was really proud of myself for driving that engagement.”

Advice for other students
Believe in yourself, says Taylor who graduated from AUT in 2013.

“University can be hard, but it’s not too hard. Have faith in yourself and in what you can achieve with a little bit of perseverance. A persevered failure is just a moment in time meant to happen, so you can learn and be better in the future.”

It’s advice she would also give her younger self.

“One piece of advice I would give my younger self is ‘Your best is enough’. When I was at AUT, I never put myself out there for awards or scholarships, and I wish I had. I underestimated my ability and never gave myself the credit I deserved.”

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