Taylor Duncan

Taylor Duncan

Partnerships Manager, Customer/Client Success, Goodworld, Washington DC
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Advertising Creativity

Like any young Kiwi she wanted to get out and make her mark on the world, says communications alumna Taylor Duncan.

“I love living in Auckland, but I knew I needed a challenge and moving overseas would definitely be a big one. I remember receiving the first email from the AUT Internz programme about internship opportunities for 2018, and immediately started getting my CV ready to apply as soon as I could.”

After graduating at the end of 2017, Taylor is now interning for social enterprise Goodworld in Washington DC. She got this sought-after internship through the AUT Internz International Scholarships Programme.

“I’m the first point of contact for the 3,000 non-profit partners using the Goodworld #donate technology. Because Goodworld is a start-up, every day brings something different and requires me to be working on several tasks at once.

“It’s awesome that our technology enables non-profits to get donations on social media, which is an area they hadn’t been able to tap into previously. Every now and again, one of our partners will express how grateful they are for everything we do, and it’s those small wins that feel amazing.”

Choosing AUT
She knew fairly early on that she wanted to study communications, Taylor says.

“I knew that anything to do with media, creative projects and working with people was the space I wanted to be in. I’ve always been fascinated with why we do what we do and how we make decisions, which is what led me towards advertising. I loved how diverse the Bachelor of Communication Studies was – there were so many choices and opportunities.”

The contemporary learning environment AUT offers was another drawcard for her.

“I visited AUT when I was in Year 11, and I remember arriving at the AUT City Campus and feeling such a strong sense of belonging. I knew that this was an environment I wanted to learn in. AUT felt innovative, with a big emphasis on practical, on-demand learning.”

Making connections
Make the most of the networking opportunities, says Taylor.

“At AUT, you have access to a huge network of incredible people who want to help you succeed. The lecturers have strong connections to the advertising industry, which meant we often did work for real clients. We had many industry speakers come through to share their wisdom, which was so valuable.

“You’re so lucky to have countless opportunities to interact with guest speakers, AUT alumni, and academic staff who are experts in their field and can teach you so much. Never be afraid to reach out to someone who inspires you or has experience working in your industry.”

Taylor says she hopes that one day she can share her own experiences with other students.

“I’m excited for the day when I get invited back to AUT to share my own experiences! I was a student ambassador while I was studying and loved helping at orientation, and I’d love the chance to connect with students as an AUT alumna too.”