Tania Wolfgramm

Tania Wolfgramm

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Whakatohea, Te Aupouri, Ngai Tai, Vava’u Tonga

She was attracted to Te Ara Poutama by the reputation of its academic staff, says Tania Wolfgramm who is currently completing her Doctor of Philosophy.

“My supervisor Dr Ella Henry is one of the academic staff in Te Ara Poutama, and AUT has a good reputation for research. That was very important to me.

“I relish my talks with Ella who continues to challenge me and helps me clarify my thinking. My PhD is a very creative process for me.”

Making a difference
For her doctoral research, Tania is focusing on the topic of evaluation, under the supervision of Dr Ella Henry and Professor Pare Keiha.

“Evaluation is a very important tool for Māori and indigenous development. The key research question I’m aiming to answer through my research is: How might Māori and indigenous philosophy and values contribute to improved evaluation design? I believe my research is important for Māori, Pacific and indigenous development and wellbeing, which is something I continue to be committed to.

“Evaluation models based on Māori and indigenous values can be an empowering and creative process, and could be employed across any endeavour, with evaluation thinking informing the design and development of any initiative and across any sector.”

Balancing life and study
Fitting her studies around the rest of her life can have some challenges, Tania admits.

“The biggest challenge for me has been ensuring that my PhD is prioritised before any other work. Fortunately, our faculty administration staff, the AUT librarian and the PhD support staff have all helped me out by suggesting various programmes and workshops to help me increase my efficiency.”

While she is still in the early stages of her PhD, Tania already has a good idea what she would like to do in the future.

“I plan to write a book and articles about my research, and I’m considering the idea of using new technologies to share my research as far and wide as I can.”