Tafāfuna’i Steve Chan Chui

Tafāfuna’i Steve Chan Chui

Master of Laws student

Tafāfuna’i Steve Chan Chui is currently studying towards a Master of Laws, specialising in criminal law. AUT’s reputation as one of the leading tertiary institutions in the field of law is what initially attracted him to study here.

“When I was deciding which university I should apply to, I saw a lot of positive feedback on the internet from former and current AUT students. Those reviews made my decision a lot easier.

“AUT has some of the best legal minds on board, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking at specialising in criminal law, or any other area of law for that matter. I also liked how the Master of Laws is quite flexible in its structure.”

Enjoying the challenge
Steve enjoys the complexity of studying law.

“Law is always interesting; it’s not static and often changes. For example, what the law would have been 10 years ago might be obsolete to the issues we’re facing today.  There is a need to amend or enact new legislation that can provide for these issues.”

Late last year, Steve was awarded a New Zealand Aid scholarship to study at AUT. He looks forward to taking his skills back to his home country, Samoa.

“I’m planning to go back home to Samoa and take what I’ve learnt and see the ways in which I can contribute to the development of a legal framework and assist with current legal issues within Samoa. I’m also looking forward to sharing my knowledge with my colleagues back home.”

The support to succeed
Make the most of the services and opportunities AUT offers, Steve says.

“AUT is great and has a supportive environment – everything is there for you, so it’s up to you to take advantage of it. I appreciate the wide range of academic support AUT provides for its students, including postgraduate study rooms and the different workshops to help you be successful in your studies.

“The academic staff are friendly and approachable. The number of students in the Master of Laws classes is small and it’s easy to communicate with your lecturer, which I do every opportunity I get.”

Steve advises other students not to give up if they face any challenges.

“If you’re ever facing any challenges or adversity, whether it’s in your studies or in life in general – never give up, but embrace the situation, learn from your mistakes and look at ways you can do better next time around.”

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