Syeba Lie

Syeba Lie

New Product Development Technologist Assistant, Off-Piste Provisions
Bachelor of Science in Food Science
Diploma in Business

For Syeba Lie, it was attending the AUT open day that convinced her that AUT was the right university to pursue her passion for food science.

“I’m passionate about the science behind food and I’d love to create sustainable and healthier food products, mainly focusing on snacks, and would like to commercialise such products globally in the future.

“I came to the AUT open day in 2018, had a great experience and gained lots of insights into the university and the science degree. At the open day, I also got to talk to Dr Rothman Kam from the food science department and we made a two-minute ice cream. That was memorable and fun! Because of these great experiences at the open day, I decided to go to AUT.”

Supported to thrive
It's a decision she hasn’t regretted, says Syeba who came to AUT as an international student from Indonesia and has just finished her degree.

“I’d say the tutorial classes are very helpful to students, and I’ve really enjoyed the campus environment, the library, the helpful staff and the endless student support services. The AUT Edge Award is also very beneficial and can help students secure a job.

“All the food science lecturers – especially Associate Professor Michelle Yoo, Dr Rothman Kam and Professor Nazimah Hamid – have played an important role in helping me find my true passion in food science and decide which pathway I wanted to get involved in.”

But her lecturers didn’t just help her find her passion; one of them also helped Syeba find her dream role before she even graduated.

“My lecturer Associate Professor Michelle Yoo was telling us about a food science role available at Off-Piste Provisions, a plant based food company. I now work at Off-Piste Provisions as a new product development technologist assistant and also help in the food manufacturing process, helping source ingredients; doing microbial, chemical and sensory testing, and helping with the creation of new food products and manufacturing.”

Advice for other students
Syeba’s advice for other students is simple: it’s okay to ask heaps of questions.

“Asking questions doesn’t mean that you don’t understand the topic; it means that you are a step ahead.”

Her other piece of advice is to make the most of the opportunities.

“Be pro-active during your studies in AUT and seek for job opportunities because there will always be one available for you. You should always try to stay motivated and don’t ever give up. The future is in your hands and you decide yourself what your future will look like.”

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