Storme Hitaua

Storme Hitaua

Flava Breakfast Producer, NZME
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Television and Screen Production

Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Ngāti Porou, Ngai Tuhoe

He has always loved entertaining, says AUT communication studies alumnus Storme Hitaua who is now the Flava breakfast producer.

“In all honesty, when I was in secondary school I wasn’t that great with numbers and as far as science goes, all I can tell you is that we need oxygen to breathe. But I’ve always loved talking and entertaining, so studying communications was an obvious choice for me.

“AUT and the School of Communication Studies gave me a chance to make a career and a life out of something I love doing.”

Sharing people’s stories
There’s never a dull day in radio, Storme says.

“Everyone has a story to tell – some are small, and some are great. Sharing these stories and entertaining is how I try to make a difference. If I can change someone’s day through laughing or crying, it’s been a good day.”

The creativity is what Storme enjoys most about his work.

“Radio is a form of media where you have to entertain, inform and bring joy to listeners every day, and the way in which you do that changes from day to day. Pushing my creativity to new heights is what I love doing most. I also get to work with the best team in radio, and when you have that, you don’t work another day in your life.”

Adapting to the changing world
The Bachelor of Communication Studies prepared him well for his role now, says Storme who combined a major in television with a minor in digital media.

“AUT is a university that is aware of the changing climate, both educationally and socially. While the technology and research may change, AUT moves with how the world changes. Television and radio are ever-changing industries, and I’ve experienced first-hand that AUT provides students with the right resources to be industry ready when they graduate.”

He had many highlights throughout his studies, Storme says.

“At AUT, I’ve met people I never would have met and been to places I never would have been to. I was fortunate to represent AUT overseas in Washington DC, New York, Rarotonga and even Venice; places I’ve always wanted to go to but never thought I would ever see. I believe that I wouldn’t have had these life experiences anywhere else.”

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