Steph Murray

Steph Murray

Operations and Account Executive – Events, General Travel Group PTY, Melbourne
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Management

The lecturers make AUT’s sport and recreation degree stand out, says Steph Murray who completed a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Management.

“The calibre of some of the AUT lecturers was impressive, and the guest lecturers and the speakers that we had the privilege of listening to and learning from was the number one highlight of my time at AUT.”

Make the most of your lecturers she advises other students.

“They’re honestly the biggest resource you have, apart from the library of course! Make sure you ask questions in class, introduce yourself to your lecturer and ask for feedback on your assignments – they’re there to help you achieve.”

Creating career-ready graduates
The practical experience was one of the highlights of her studies, Steph says.

“The amount of practical experience outside of the classroom, as well as the strong industry connections make AUT stand out against other universities.”

The workplace experience as part of her degree was invaluable, she says.

“I ended up completing the workplace experience in both my second and third year with the same company. I was an event co-ordinator for two international events, and actually got to travel abroad for both work placements. This industry experience was extremely valuable and helped me develop my event management skills and foster working relationships with a variety of commercial suppliers.”

A new life in Australia
Since graduating, the AUT alumna now enjoys experiencing the Australian sporting world.

“Our company provides travel packages for events like the Ashes Series, the AFL Grand Final, the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Moto GP. I work in an operational role, and the exposure to the Australian sporting world has been great. I especially enjoyed working at the Formula 1, and being able to experience it as a spectator afterwards was even better!”

She constantly draws on what she learned in her AUT degree, Steph says.

“I think the holistic approach of AUT’s Bachelor of Sport and Recreation provided me with a really strong mind-set to enter the industry with. I feel confident in my abilities, particularly in my research and analysis skills.”

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