Siobhon Joe

Siobhon Joe

Brand Designer, Red Antler, New York
Bachelor of Design in Communication Design

The reputation of the School of Art and Design first attracted her to AUT, says communication design alumna Siobhon Joe.

“I decided to attend AUT as it was the leading design school in New Zealand, and offered an environment of creativity and exploration. I chose to study a Bachelor of Design as I recognised the importance of developing my knowledge and skills of design, so I could gain real-life experiences for my future career.”

There were many highlights throughout her studies, Siobhon says.

“One of the highlights for me was developing close connections with people from different walks of life who all shared a common interest in design. I enjoyed being introduced to fresh ideas and perspectives, and seeing how they influenced and shaped me as a designer.”

Taking on the world of design
After graduating at the end of last year, Siobhon is now working as a brand designer for Red Antler in New York. She got this sought-after internship through the AUT Internz International Scholarship Programme.

“I applied for the AUT Internz internship because it seemed like a great starting point to expand my opportunities and reach out to Red Antler, a business currently making waves in the design industry for its innovative and thoughtful approach to branding and advertising.”

She enjoys the variety of her role, Siobhon says.

“My job is ever-changing, with no two projects ever being the same. I’ve worked on packaging designs, client presentation slides, creating style guides and assisting with social media posts.

“I enjoy the variety of work and the set of challenges each project presents. It forces you to think on your feet and achieve things you never thought were possible. I also enjoy the immense sense of satisfaction you receive once a project is finished and you can directly see the impact it has.”

Advice for other students
Don’t limit yourself, Siobhon advises other students.

“My advice for future students would be to never limit yourself or think that an opportunity is too far out of reach.

“With determination, an open mind and an eagerness to learn so many things are possible. You just have to give yourself a chance and take the first step.”

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