Silvia Arini

Silvia Arini

Master of Analytics student

Being able to analyse large datasets is essential, says Silvia Arini who came to AUT as an international student from Indonesia to study a Master of Analytics, supported by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ Scholarship.

“Rapid advances in digital technology and the internet create some potential datasets, including big data. In this era, there’s a real need for data analysts or statisticians who can analyse both big data and conventional data from surveys, censuses or experiments.

“Before I came to AUT, I worked for a government institution in Indonesia, and completing the Master of Analytics will support my role as a statistician. The knowledge and insights from my studies will develop my ability to analyse both conventional data and big data, which in turn will help the government and our stakeholders when it comes to decision making. I’ll also be able to contribute towards expanding the field of research and data analysis in Indonesia.”

More than the theory
She would highly recommend the Master of Analytics to other students, Silvia says.

“The lectures are delivered in an enjoyable and supportive environment. AUT also provides various facilities to support student in their studies, and the lecturers have been very helpful in encouraging us to study and solve problems.”

What she has enjoyed most is that the Master of Analytics combines theory and practice.

“The lessons are exciting and applicable. I’ve also enjoyed that our teaching staff regularly invite data analysts to AUT to share their experience with students. For our final project in the last semester we also have the opportunity to work with an industry organisation, which will enrich our experience to gain knowledge and skills related to data analysis.”

Advice for other students
Silvia has some great advice for other international students considering studying in New Zealand.

“As an international student, studying at AUT is an excellent opportunity to pursue your studies, be involved in various activities and meet people from around the world.”

Living in a new country can be challenging, says Silvia who came to Auckland with her baby and has appreciated the support she and her family have received.

“I’m impressed by AUT’s support for mothers, including having access to a parents’ room and breastfeeding room on campus. It shows that AUT is serious about creating a comfortable environment for everyone. I’ve also appreciated how AUT has helped students cope with the difficulties of studying during a global pandemic. AUT provides so much support for its diverse student community, and makes everyone feel comfortable to get involved.”

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