Sholan Ivaiti

Sholan Ivaiti

Barrister/Solicitor, Cook Islands
Bachelor of Laws

When Sholan Ivaiti decided to study law, he did so on the back of a highly successful accounting and auditing career.

“I came to AUT after working in accounting and auditing roles in New Zealand, Australia and the Cook Islands, including as a senior auditor for EY and for GK Accounting, and as board director for the Bank of the Cook Islands and of the Cook Islands Superannuation Fund. In addition to being a barrister/solicitor I’m also an audit director of Integrity Audit, as well as a board trustee of the National Pacific Radio Trust and the chairman for its Finance, Risk, Audit Committee; a government appointed role.

“I made the decision to pursue a law degree because I could see it would complement my accounting background well, and provide me with an understanding of the legal framework and legal requirements in New Zealand, particularly from a commercial perspective.”

Interactive and open-minded learning
Sholan’s first encounter with AUT was when he was working as an auditor.

“I’m an Australian-qualified Chartered Accountant, and after moving to New Zealand I came to AUT to take some papers to satisfy the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountant requirements. I really enjoyed this experience, as the learning environment included smaller classrooms and more interaction with the lectures.

“When I decided to study law, I remembered this great experience and that, as well as being able to complete my law degree on a part-time basis, convinced me AUT was the place to study for me.”

His advice to other students considering studying law is simple.

“Go to AUT. You won’t regret it!”

Highlights and achievements
There were many highpoints throughout his studies, says Sholan who graduated at the end of 2017 and was admitted to the New Zealand High Court as a barrister and solicitor in November 2018 and to the Cook Islands High Court in September 2019.

“One of the achievements I’m most proud of during my time at AUT was making the Dean’s list for the Constitutional Law paper in my first year at AUT.”

He also values the friendships he has made during his time studying law, Sholan says.

“AUT is geared towards creating a genuine network of students who work together to achieve the most. I appreciated that senior students were willing to make the time to share their experiences in particular subjects with students who are starting their journey at AUT. I’ve definitely experienced this, and it has been very helpful for me.”