Shivashni Simmons

Shivashni Simmons

Senior Health and Safety Advisor, Halls Transport
Bachelor of Business in Commercial Law & Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

She enjoys being able to look after the health and safety of people, says Shivashni Simmons who is now a senior health and safety advisor for Halls Transport.

“I love when I get to resolve health and safety issues, or minimise or eliminate hazards and associated risks for people at our Auckland sites and nationwide. I enjoy working with people on the ground floor as those are the people who are most likely to be exposed to risks.”

Her passion for health and safety hasn’t gone unnoticed and in 2021 she received the National Safeguard Award for the Emerging Safety Practitioner of the Year.

“That was such an accomplishment to be recognised nationally in New Zealand for being the top health and safety practitioner. I’m proud of it because being a young Indian woman, I was recognised for the difference I made within my organisation, for giving workers a voice around health and safety and getting them to be part of the solution.

“Another achievement I’m particularly proud of was being a guest speaker for the National Safety Leader’s Summit. I'm proud of being invited as a leader in health and safety and talking to other health and safety professionals about best practice in our field, with some practical examples.”

Finding her path
Shivashni says she has long been passionate about law and employment relations, but it was a particular business lecturer who first sparked her interest in health and safety.

“While I was completing my Bachelor of Business, I was inspired by my employment relations lecturer Associate Professor Felicity Lamm to get involved in health and safety. I was given the opportunity to work on the Pike River Mine investigation with the Royal Commission, and that experience sparked my passion for health and safety and for supporting this kind of work in a business environment.”

She has some great advice for other students who are still trying to figure what their future could look like.

“Do something that you’re 123% passionate about and that makes you supper happy 103% of the time. The devil is in the details in how you define each of those.”

Relevant and welcoming
Having graduated from AUT at the end of 2009, Shivashni still has fond memories of her time at university.

“The highlights for me were the friends I made and the exposure to bigger learning environments. I felt that everyone at AUT was given equal opportunity, and the same access to different activities and study support.”

She would highly recommend AUT’s business degree to other students.

“The Bachelor of Business is a practical degree, covering skills that can be utilised in a business environment. Every year my knowledge grew and I learned practical skills, which was fantastic as it has helped me in the real world. AUT has a great study environment, and the lecturers I had were fantastic and very supportive.”

The Commercial Law major has been replaced by the Bachelor of Laws degree.

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