Sherin Jacob

Sherin Jacob

Software Engineering Graduate, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering

Applying her skills by working on a variety of software development projects was the highlight of her studies, says Sherin Jacob who completed her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering in 2020.

“I really enjoyed doing multiple software development projects as part of my AUT degree. This has allowed me to gain valuable experience, not just in the technical areas, but also develop important soft skills like communication and teamwork skills. I was also fortunate enough to be selected as one of five AUT students to travel to China for two weeks as part of the Huawei Seeds for the Future programme.

“I’d definitely recommend this programme to other students. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering at AUT is a relatively new programme, and a lot of work has gone into making sure that this degree meets the needs required by the industry and equips you to go into the workforce when you complete university.”

She now enjoys being able to apply what she has learnt in her role as a software engineering graduate at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney.

“I’m now working at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which has one of the largest internal technology teams in Australia. I started in February 2021 and have been loving every second. Getting to work on software that will be used by millions of customers is honestly a bit mind-blowing! I’m learning a lot and am loving the opportunity to build on the skills I learned at university.”

Choosing AUT
She was first introduced to coding through a coding competition in high school, says Sherin whose university studies were supported by an AUT Vice-Chancellor’s Significant Student Scholarship and an AUT Undergraduate Scholarship.

“I loved it! It enabled me to combine my passions of problem-solving and technology. The concept of helping people and making their lives easier through software applications is something that really appealed to me. Choosing to study software engineering at university seemed like the natural course of action to pursue my passion.”

Deciding to study at AUT was easy for her.

“I had heard that AUT is a more hands-on university and I knew that in my chosen field these practical, technical skills would definitely come in handy. AUT’s beautiful campuses and smaller class sizes that allow for more communication and interaction with lecturers were also something that drew me to choose this university.”

Advice for other students
Take initiative, Sherin advises other students.

“Whether it comes to asking your lecturers or tutors questions, organising group work or looking for work experience before you need to, taking the initiative not only helps you but can also encourage others around you as well.”

Make the most of university life, she adds.

“My other piece of advice is to make the most of every opportunity you’ve been given and seek out opportunities as well.”

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