Shayne Taupo

Shayne Taupo

Private Personal Trainer and Online Nutrition Coach, Palm Beach, Florida
Master of Sport, Exercise and Health student
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Exercise Science & Physical Activity and Nutrition


His love of sport and his experiences of participating in global sport competitions are what first inspired Shayne Taupo to study sport and recreation at university.

“I chose to pursue a sport and exercise degree because of my own love of sport and competing on the international stage for New Zealand in karate. I saw that there was a need for improved exercise science methods in New Zealand to compete with the world’s best. I also wanted to further my own karate skills, as well as support my students’ achievements at international competitions.”

Deciding where to study sport was easy, says Shayne who completed his Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at AUT in 2015 and is now enrolled in the Master of Sport, Exercise and Health.

“I decided to study at AUT because it’s a university known for having the best professionals within the industry. The professors and supervisors are the top in their field both in New Zealand and internationally, and provide the perfect balance between theory and practical application. Learning from the top professionals in the exercise and sports industry has been my biggest highlight.

“I’ve applied many of the lessons I’ve learnt in my classes to my coaching and helping my clients achieve their goals. Being able to learn the theory in a classroom, then immediately apply it in the field has been enormously rewarding. I’ve also been able to continue studying through AUT even though I now live overseas. My supervisors have been very supportive in helping me be successful.”

Highlights and opportunities
Make the most of the opportunities AUT provides, Shayne advises other students.

“AUT has some of the best supervisors, facilities and programmes in the world, and it should be an obligation to utilise them as best as possible. Be involved in everything and build your network. You may find studying daunting at first but once you start to put the theory into practice you’ll realise just how rewarding it is. Education is an investment I believe everyone should make and AUT provides the best opportunities.”

For him, one of the highlights of his studies was being able to complete workplace experience as part of his Bachelor of Sport and Recreation.

“A pivotal moment for me was being able to carry out my workplace experience as a strength and conditioning intern with North Harbour Rugby Union. I was able to work with the best professionals in the region, and the experience introduced me to the many faces that are involved in an organisation’s success. My knowledge, experience and confidence grew tremendously, and I was more than equipped to enter the industry after graduating with my bachelor’s degree.”

Changing people’s lives
Now working as a private personal trainer in Palm Beach, Florida, and as an online nutrition coach, Shayne loves helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

“I enjoy seeing my clients achieve their potential, and overcome challenges and obstacles. In this role, I get to help clients all around the world and help them change their lives.”

He is proud of what he has achieved in his career so far.

“My education and experience have opened up a number of opportunities for me. For example, I was able to work on the cruise ships travelling through the USA and the Caribbean, I worked in New York for four years as the fitness trainer and programme director for a weight loss retreat and now work with an exclusive community in Palm Beach, Florida, where I’ve been based for the past year. I love helping people from all over the world take their fitness and life to the next level by becoming the best version of themselves.”

*The Exercise Science, and Physical Activity and Nutrition majors in the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation are now called Sport and Exercise Science, and Exercise Science and Nutrition.

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