Sharleen Shergill

Sharleen Shergill

Content Marketer, TimeZoneOne, Chicago
4th-year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies in Radio and Bachelor of Laws

Being able to get a taste of your future career before leaving university was what attracted her to AUT, says Sharleen Shergill who is completing a Bachelor of Communication Studies and Bachelor of Laws.

“I’ve always enjoyed anything to do with the media and entertainment, and studying a communications degree seemed the obvious option. But this didn’t seem enough for me as I enjoy challenging myself, so that’s why I decided to do double degrees and also enrol in a law degree.

“The main reason I chose AUT was because of the amount of practical work and industry level equipment that is provided for students, especially in the TV and radio classes. That gives students a taste of what it will be like in the real world.”

Valuable international experience
Sharleen is currently applying what she learned at AUT in her role as a content marketer at creative communications agency TimeZoneOne in Chicago.

“I had been eyeing the AUT Internz scholarships for a while, and applied as soon as I was eligible. What could be better than the opportunity to work overseas in an area that I’m interested in? My work is being used on an international platform and I get to work on projects that I couldn’t have dreamt of. I also get to live in Chicago, which has become my favourite city in the world.”

Working in an advertising and marketing company in the USA is a dream come true, she says.

“My role involves writing, updating and uploading content for websites and social media. Our biggest client at the moment is the Illinois Office of Tourism, so a lot of my work is for and enjoyillinois social media.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to go on the road with the video production team to film the Illinois Made series and interview the owners of different local businesses. The TV classes I took at AUT were extremely useful for this project.”

Advice for other students
Grab any opportunity that comes your way, Sharleen advises other students.

“You have to put yourself out there. No matter how big or small it might seem at the time, it’s all worth it in helping you reach your goal. The only reason I’m in the position I’m in today is because I said yes to a lot of things and was always up for a challenge.”

She considers the many opportunities one of the highpoints of her time at AUT, Sharleen says.

“The opportunities that were available to AUT students were a highlight for me, especially as programmes like the AUT Internz scholarships aren’t offered at other universities.

“I also involved myself in a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities to keep myself busy and meet new people. I was elected as president of the AUT Mooting Society, and was the AUT Top Mooter in 2016, and a Bell Gully Senior Moot Finalist and AUT Exhibition Moot Finalist in 2017. I was also selected to attend the University Scholars Leadership Symposium at the United Nations in Thailand. That was an experience I will never forget.”