Shane Birdsall

Shane Birdsall

Test Engineer, Fiserv
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Computer Science and Software Development

He fell in love with computer science and programming in high school, says Shane Birdsall who is now a test engineer for technology leader Fiserv.

“My job involves the analysis, design and implementation of automated testing solutions to ensure the products we ship are bug free. I work within quality assurance, and while I’m highly technical, my focus is that end users have a great, bug free experience. I’ve also been tasked with teaching test analysts how to read and write automation code through weekly workshops and hands-on training sessions.

“I love that I get to use so many different technologies in my job, and that my role involves high amounts of creative problem solving. The problems we solve in test automation are challenging and often critical. It’s really awesome that I can make such an impact in this position and can help so many people on a daily basis.”

An easy choice
Choosing to study AUT’s Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences degree was an easy choice, says Shane who came to AUT from Townsville, Queensland.

“I knew I wanted to move to Auckland but wasn’t sure which university was best for me. I ended up going with AUT because I could study at the South Campus in my first year. That was much closer for me and I liked the family vibe I felt on campus.”

There were many highlights throughout his studies, says Shane who received an AUT Huawei High Achiever Scholarship to support his studies.

“I really enjoyed the computer science papers as they challenged me and changed the way I approached problems. As part of my degree I also did a research and development project with Fiserv, which is now my employer. Due to the project needing such a wide range of personal and technical skills I had to step up and learn lots of new things to get myself and the team across the finish line.”

Advice for other students
Shane, who graduated in 2017, has some great advice for other students.

“Make the most out of your time at AUT, work hard in each paper, participate in as many extracurricular events as you can, attend industry events, network and most of all have fun! The hard work can be daunting at times, but it most definitely pays off.”

For him, the extracurricular activities were among the highlights of his time at AUT.

“Some of the achievements I’m particularly proud of are winning the 2017 AUT Programming Contest and the People’s Choice award in the 2016 AUT Kickstart Weekend.

“In my final year, I was also the tutor for the Data Structures & Algorithms Paper, where I taught both theoretical and practical lab material to a class of 12 people at the South Campus.”

Employer comment

“Shane has the right technical competency for the test engineer role, coupled with a strong understanding of the big picture critical for QAs. We were looking for someone with development skills relevant for our automation testing practice, preferably in mobile. Shane’s degree and exposure to different technologies and projects definitely made the adjustment to Fiserv work environment a lot easier for him.

“Students interested in a career in this field should get some experience in agile methodology, and exposure to the latest tools and technologies in mobile and API development and testing.”

Paul John Mendoza, Quality Assurance Manager, Fiserv