Shaina Imbo

Shaina Imbo

4th-year student, Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Event Management conjoint programme

No matter what industry you work for, your organisation will always be impacted by business concepts, says Shaina Imbo who is studying hospitality and business at AUT.

“Most, if not all, industries are underpinned by some form of business discipline – a café is a business, Air New Zealand is a business, SKYCITY is a business, EY is a business and Goodman Property is a business.

“I chose to study both business and hospitality because I’m a natural extrovert, and the hospitality industry is all about relationships. I decided to major in event management because I know that every event is different and will come with its own set of challenges, so this will help me to continuously grow. Having two different backgrounds means that I can go into the job market with sound knowledge of two industries instead of just one.”

While her studies have prepared her for a wide range of careers in either hospitality or business, Shaina has a good idea how she sees her ideal future.

“I want to become a Chartered Accountant to be able to provide the best services for my future clients. It would be a dream come true if my future clients involved individuals or companies within the events industry. In the long-term, I also hope to manage my own business.”

Growth and encouragement
Now in her fourth year at AUT, Shaina has enjoyed the many opportunities available to her.

“There are so many services and resources available to help you excel academically, personally and professionally. For example, the career fairs and the Employability and Careers team provide many opportunities to network and plan for my future career, and the different student clubs can satisfy any student’s passion. AUT is a place full of growth, encouragement, joy and learning.”

One of the opportunities Shaina has made the most of is the AUT Edge Award, a programme that helps students develop the skills employers are looking for.

“I decided to take this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone because I knew that I’ll grow from it immensely. Through the AUT Edge Award I’ve gained new skills and knowledge, and have become more confident, courageous and adaptable. The main lessons I’ve learnt include the importance of networking, not giving up after the first rejection and taking action instead of aiming for perfection. I’ll take all these key lessons with me in my professional career.”

Advice for other students
Take every opportunity available to you, says Shaina who received an AUT Vice-Chancellor’s Significant Student Scholarship to support her studies.

“I always tell others that university is very self-directed and you receive as much as you put in. So, get involved, have fun, and treasure every connection that you make along the way.”

Her other piece of advice is to make use of the resources at AUT.

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced is not knowing the resources available to me when I first started university. In my first year of study, I only really utilised my lecturers and tutors. I didn’t expand my horizons until my second year. However, through participating in the AUT Edge Award and getting involved in the student ambassador programme, I’ve become exposed to the different services that can help me to achieve more and become more successful.”

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