Scott Bristow

Scott Bristow

Homestar Assessor and Environmental Building Analyst, Building Excellence Group
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Architectural Engineering

There’s a need for skilled and passionate architectural engineers, says Scott Bristow who came to AUT to complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Architectural Engineering.

“I knew that there was a major shortage of workers in the construction industry, and I had a passion for architecture and solving complex problems. I would absolutely recommend AUT’s architectural engineering degree if you’re interested in architecture, engineering, design or construction.”

Even before graduating, Scott gained valuable experience working as an engineer because his degree requires him to complete 800 hours of work experience in an engineering environment.

“Before I graduated, I was already well into my career thanks to the requirement for engineering students to obtain 800 hours of work experience while working in an engineering role. I completed more than 1,000 hours working as a Homestar assessor and environmental building analyst for the Building Excellence Group where I’m still working now.

“My role involves working closely with the New Zealand Green Building Council to improve the standard of New Zealand’s residential and commercial building by improving their eco-friendliness and boosting the quality of life for the buildings’ occupants. I'm currently undergoing certification as an assessor for Homestar Version 5, which is set to improve New Zealand housing to a completely new level.”

Friendships and inspiration
The people he met were the highlight of Scott’s university experience.

“I met so many great friends through my university studies and have formed a close-knit group of friends. We all shared the same interests and we’re all now great friends. I also still fondly remember the lectures I had with Dr Ali GhaffarianHoseini. He led the two architectural design courses in my second and third year, and inspired me to choose a career in green building engineering and architectural design development.”

Completing his final year during a global pandemic has had its challenges, Scott admits.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have caused massive difficulties for the entire country, however fortunately AUT was able to handle these events exceedingly well and switched learning to an online format that I found to be just as effective as the traditional lecture methods.”

Advice for other students
Having completed his engineering degree at the end of 2020, Scott has some great advice for other students.

“Choose something you’re passionate about. Don’t go into university looking only for a career where the pay is the focus; choose something you love doing. Try to make friends as they will make your time at university some of the best years of your life.”

If you’re an engineering student, make sure you start working on your work experience hours early, he adds.

“Cross the work experience hours off the list early on in your four years of study. Things definitely ramp up in the last year of your degree because of the final year-engineering projects, which are awesome but also time consuming.”

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