Sarah Slui

Sarah Slui

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

She has loved science since she was a child, says Sarah Slui who completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

“Doing a Bachelor of Science was a no-brainer to me. I originally majored in biomedical science but soon discovered how many different options AUT provides in the School of Science. In my first year at AUT, one of our lecturers talked about neuropsychology and the development of the unconscious mind. As soon as I heard him discuss the effects of trauma on the development of the mind, blending neuroscience with psychoanalysis, I instantly knew this was what I wanted to research.

“My dream career would be research in neuropsychoanalysis where I can study the neurobiology of the unconscious. I’m particularly interested in developmental aspects and my plan is to continue into postgraduate study to lead me onto this path.”

Inspired and supported
Sarah would highly recommend AUT’s science programmes to other students.

“I absolutely love learning new things and being curious, and the courses offered in the Bachelor of Science are so diverse and interesting. Even when I chose courses I was unsure about, the passion and the calibre of the academic staff were inspiring and made it joyful to learn. The staff have always been incredible, and the lecturers were invested in their students and helping them achieve their goals.”

A highlight for Sarah has been the year-long research project as part of the third year of her degree.

“For my research project, I looked into the relationship between perfectionism and procrastination, and if there are any differences between the student body and older adults in office workplaces. I’m really proud of completing this project and learning so much about academic research and writing, and the support from AUT staff has been unmatched.”

Advice for other students
Sarah, who graduated in 2021 and is currently exploring further study options, has some great advice for other students.

“Always keep an open mind to new or different courses that you aren’t used to, and don’t worry if you want to change your programme or major – AUT couldn’t make it easier to make the transition. When I changed my major a year into my studies, the support from AUT made this really easy and I was able to cross-credit my first year of study and finish my Bachelor of Science in three years.”

She has appreciated the support available to her throughout her time at AUT.

“Through my undergrad degree I realised that AUT really wants to support its students and help them achieve their goals. At AUT you’re an individual, not just a number.”

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