Sarah Batkin

Sarah Batkin

Master of English and New Media Studies student
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Social Sciences

Sarah Batkin knows what it feels like to be lost. The Master of English and New Media Studies student is now a long way from her first experience of university.

“I was fresh out of high school and I’d just started my business and law conjoint programmes. I instinctively knew that wasn’t the right fit for me, but I didn’t think I could change.

“After two years, I made the leap and enrolled in creative writing instead. The lecturers were so accommodating and I immediately knew I was in the right place.”

Finding her passion
Sarah hasn’t looked back, and is now enrolled in a Master of English and New Media Studies.

“After finishing my Bachelor of Arts I really wanted to do postgraduate study in an area that combined aspects of both English and social sciences. I think that studying an area that relates to new technologies and how this will affect our daily lives is important. It’s constantly changing and evolving quickly, and that really fascinates me.”

For her research, she is looking at feminist news media and how it fits into our understanding of feminism as a whole.

“The movement is, I think, generally quite misunderstood. I want to better understand the epistemological effects of news media and I decided this was a good starting point. Social media companies like Facebook have been looking into the kinds of news that people access through their sites and what effect this might have on our understandings of events etc, so this could potentially help us to understand that a bit better.”

Focus on student success
AUT is a university that really cares about its students, she says.

“My peers have made studying at AUT an absolute blast. My lecturers have been so encouraging and given me confidence when I doubted myself. I’ll always look back at my time at AUT with a lot of fondness.”

Sarah is proud of her achievements at AUT, and success has come from unexpected areas.

“My two biggest achievements at AUT thus far have been being the recipient of the 2016 Dean’s Award for Creative Writing, and coming top in my class for a notoriously difficult social sciences paper.”