Samantha Weston

Samantha Weston

Junior Designer, The Teeth – Creative Agency, Singapore
Bachelor of Design in Communication Design

She is enjoying gaining an international perspective on design, says Samantha Weston who is currently interning at The Teeth – Creative Agency in Singapore. She got the sought-after internship through the AUT Internz International Scholarship Programme.

“The Teeth is a small start-up business that has made a huge impact on Singapore’s design industry in a short time. I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of projects, from AR filters to product launches. I enjoy the diversity of design applications – it forces me to apply my skills in new ways to solve a creative problems. This experience has really developed my versatility as a designer.

“The Teeth uses creatives from all around the world for different jobs and briefs, and having these contacts in Singapore will give me an edge in the industry. Thanks to my internship, I’ve become more aware of the subtle differences in culture, how this impacts visual communications and how to utilise it in my design. I’ve also been able to see so much of Singapore and become immersed in the culture here.”

Samantha says she appreciates that AUT offers opportunities like this for its students.

“AUT’s international outlook is so important in the changing world. A multinational understanding is important in all industries, especially in the digital age. AUT forges overseas relationships to provide students with opportunities to broaden their horizons. There are so many programmes available like student exchanges and the AUT Internz programme.”

Opportunities to thrive
Choosing where to study design was easy, says Samantha whose studies were supported by an undergraduate scholarship for excellence in art and design.

“I was drawn to AUT’s real-world approach and the fact that the degree included invaluable industry experience. This gave me a better insight into creative practices and helped me build connections within the design community. Coming out of university with industry experience gives students a leg up on the competition.

“I also appreciated that AUT’s course structure promotes versatility, which is an important quality in a designer. The communication design course gives an initial introduction to multiple design disciplines, then you specialise in your final year. The flexibility of the degree allows you to explore your own creative direction.”

What she enjoyed most about studying at AUT was the collaborative atmosphere, Samantha says.

“I made the most amazing friends over my three years. It was so easy since everyone in your degree shares the same passion and AUT’s environment encourages students to give constructive feedback and work together. Being surrounded by other creatives with different perspectives gave me a network of friends from whom I could get advice, which really helped me to push and develop my work.”

Advice for other students
Take every opportunity that presents itself, Samantha advises other students.

“Don’t be afraid to apply for as many opportunities as possible. You might not get what you’re applying for, but you’re never going to get it if you don’t put yourself forward. It may be scary at first, but these are the experiences that will push you to further yourself and shape who you become.”

Making connections is essential, she adds.

“Talk to everyone you can – building connections is so important in the creative industries. You can start with the people you’re studying with, then try to connect with people from other degrees, and eventually you’ll be networking with industry professionals easily.”