Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith

Social Media Executive, Hearts & Science
Bachelor of Business in Marketing & Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations

As a marketer you can be a world innovator, says Samantha Smith who studied both marketing and public relations, and now works as a social media executive at Hearts & Science.

“Marketing is so interesting to me. There are so many different avenues you can go down and so much you can learn, so there’s really something for everyone. It's a good mix of creativity, theory and numbers.

“I love that marketing is always changing, and even the most skilled marketers in the industry are still learning and adapting. With new technologies emerging every day, even graduates could come up with that million dollar idea.”

Gaining invaluable experience
Deciding to come to AUT for her studies was easy for Samantha.

“I was brought up with the mindset that experience is paramount. AUT is known for not only equipping graduates with knowledge, but for also ensuring that students are backed with experience. After hearing about AUT and its final-year workplace experience, I knew I was going to study at AUT.”

She got the chance to check out AUT for herself when she took part in the AUT Shadow a Leader programme as a high school student.

“I was selected from my school to participate in Shadow a Leader. I already had my sights set on marketing but also had a few other career paths in the back of my mind. While doing Shadow a Leader, I met an AUT student who was doing a conjoint degree. This student and the leader I was shadowing explained to me that doing two degrees shows you’re adaptable and makes you stand out from other job candidates. Following both of their advice, I made the decision to enrol in two different degrees and have never regretted that decision once.

“I’d 100% recommend Shadow a Leader to all students. You get to hear from a CEO on what they look for in an employee and how you can stand out. It also gives you an insight into what a career in your industry might look like for you. You’ll meet so many amazing people and make great connections, which can help you later in your professional life and provide invaluable opportunities”

Advice for other students
Samantha’s advice for other students is simple: make the most of the opportunities offered to you.

“AUT gives you access to so many amazing opportunities and all you have to do is say yes! Looking back on my time at uni, the only regrets I have are not joining that club or taking advantage of all the great uni services. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so go for it. What have you really got to lose?”

She would highly recommend studying at AUT to others.

“While I was at AUT, I had so many exciting opportunities that progressed my career beyond just theoretical knowledge. During my studies I had access to so much work experience because AUT always provides opportunities to students. You just have to be proactive and grab them.

“Attending AUT gave me so many opportunities and by graduation I had done an internship, a work placement and had two jobs in my studied industries, which my employers were very impressed with. All these activities brought me out of my comfort zone and made me a more confident person, which has contributed to my professional growth.”

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