Sagorika Datta

Sagorika Datta

Junior Business Analyst, Mercury
Master of Computer and Information Sciences with First Class Honours

Sagorika Datta had offers to study at a number of New Zealand universities, but decided to come to AUT because of its positive and inclusive environment.

“AUT seemed like the place that would help me if I needed it, without me even having to ask. For someone who was travelling almost 12,000 kilometres to a new home, this was a strong form of reassurance,” says Sagorika who came to AUT as an international student from India.

After graduating in 2017, Sagorika now works as a junior business analyst at Mercury.

“I’m proud of upskilling myself and becoming an expert in front-end web analytics for our digital experience team. I recently also got my scrum master certification, and am one of the proponents of agility and scrum in our organisation as well as being the scrum master on a major project.”

The changing world of computer science
She is passionate about emerging technology and the speed at which social media and mobile technology have become significant industries, says Sagorika who graduated with first class honours, and received the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Studies.

“The advent of streaming sites like YouTube where people offer tutorials, the rise of independent entrepreneurs selling handcrafts, the popularity of vlogs – these have all evolved into full-blown earning professions. Yet despite their popularity there is little information available about them in the academic world.

“That was the impetus for my research proposal – how could a topic that is so extensively prevalent be almost completely unacknowledged by the academic community?”

At the cutting edge
Sagorika says that AUT has offered her opportunities to study areas she would never have encountered elsewhere, and she has been challenged to go further in her study.

“The staff at AUT are absolutely phenomenal. The guidance and support I received paved the way for my thesis. Every paper I took was backed up by support from the library, academic counsellors and the various workshops offered.

“AUT is the best environment to cultivate understanding and enrich yourself. A couple of years down the line I may come back for a PhD as well.”

An internship with the former Fletcher Aluminium also gave her the chance to put her analysis skills to practical use, and it helped complement her studies.

“I analysed Fletcher’s client portal and recommended changes to it. Even though they weren't implemented because the company was taken over by another, it was my first stint in practical IT business analysis; it actually inspired assignments in one of my most crucial papers.”