Saadiq Khan

Saadiq Khan

Occupational Therapist, London
Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)

The calibre of the staff was a highlight of his studies, says AUT occupational therapy alumnus Saadiq Khan.

“The fact that in your tutorials you can have one-on-one teaching with lecturers that are referenced in the academic literature you study in class is amazing and overwhelming.

“I also appreciated the workplace experience as part of my degree. I spent 10 weeks at Middlemore Hospital’s acute orthopaedic ward. This experience gave me great insight into acute care and taught me so much about injuries, multi-disciplinary teams and the role of an occupational therapist in acute care.”

An interest in holistic healthcare
Saadiq first came to AUT to study the Diploma in Sport and Recreation.

“My Diploma in Sport and Recreation taught me a lot about interacting with clients, and about human anatomy and coaching. These skills enabled me to branch off into personal training.

“I realised that fitness and health are influenced by physical, cognitive, mental, social, emotional and spiritual aspects. That’s why I decided to seek a degree that offers a more holistic approach to healthcare. The Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) fitted that perfectly.”

His advice for other students is to make the most of what’s on offer at AUT.

“Learn as much as you can, take part in as many extracurricular activities as possible and don’t be afraid to make friends with the people sitting next to you in lectures. They all have an amazing story to tell, and may one day become your colleges and life-long friends. I met some amazing people who I’ll be working with for years to come.”

Making a difference
After graduating in 2016, Saadiq started working as a vocational occupational therapist for Quality Rehabilitation Services.

“I was responsible for assessing clients and developing rehabilitation plans that enabled them to return to work safely and sustainably. What I enjoyed the most about my role is that I got to interact with clients from different backgrounds, jobs and occupations.”

He was constantly drawing on what he learned at AUT, says Saadiq who recently moved to London.

“The skills I developed through AUT enabled me to enter the industry with knowledge I can apply to different aspects of occupational therapy and rehabilitation. The up-to-date knowledge taught in class means that you, as a new graduate, have the skills to benefit the clients you interact with and can also educate others.”