Ryan Chow

Ryan Chow

1st-year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies

He feels fortunate to have discovered his passion early on in life, says Ryan Chow who is currently completing a Bachelor of Communication Studies, and plans to major in screen production and advertising.

“From a very young age I knew I wanted to study communications. This has led me to begin creating my own showreel of work and participate in programmes and festivals from when I was in middle school. My passion for filmmaking has led me to create a number of award-winning films that have won awards at festivals run by Disney, HBO and Raleigh Studios. In addition to filmmaking, I’m also very passionate about advertising and brand creativity, which is why communication studies is the programme that best suits me.

“One of the reasons I chose AUT for my studies is that it has a reputation for being a modern university, which is particularly useful for technology-related courses like the communications degree. I would highly recommend this programme because it gives students practical experiences, which is exceptionally important in this field. The assignments spark our creativity while also encouraging us to work with others more effectively. The academic staff are also a pleasure to work with.”

It's not all study and assignments for Ryan though. He has also launched his own company this year. Wanting to contribute to university life at AUT, he has established a consortium of clubs including the AUT Film Club, AUT Music Club and AUT Food Club. He loves developing projects for the benefit of other students and AUT.

“I believe that it’s very important for students to make the most out of their time at university, given that it’s often said that your years at university are perhaps your most rewarding. I’ve really enjoyed working on projects like the AUT Film Club’s ‘AUT Weekly’ video series, which we’re working on with AUT’s official support. The video series has taught me more about AUT as a university, and enables me to contribute towards AUT’s community. It has inspired me to craft a whole collection of other projects for AUT, which are currently in the works. I hope these can contribute to its reputation and experiences.”

Easy studio living
Living in student accommodation makes it easy for Ryan to juggle his studies with his social commitments.

“I enjoy living at Te Āhuru Mayoral Drive Student Accommodation where I can manage my own living, given that I’m incredibly busy. The close proximity to the AUT City Campus eliminates the need to commute. It also helps my work with my clubs as it makes managing, organising and running my work so much easier in addition to my studies.

“Living in my own studio apartment enables me to manage my own living space, and having my own private room makes it easier to study and work in a quiet space where I can completely focus.”

He has found it easy to meet others living in the student accommodation thanks to the many activities organised for students in Te Āhuru Mayoral Drive Student Accommodation.

“The social activities provided here have enabled me to meet others in this accommodation and develop strong relationships with many who live here. It has helped me connect with others who share my passions, build close friendships, as well as meet others to collaborate together with.”

Advice for other students
Ryan has some great advice for other students at the start of their university journey.

“My advice would be to hunt for opportunities and work towards building success for yourself rather than wait for it to be delivered. I’ve realised that my mindset is incredibly important in helping me create my own success, and that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

“Also remember that the world is full of distractions and other matters craving for your attention. Building self-discipline is incredibly important, and you should limit the amount of time you spend on social media, for example.”

His other piece of advice is simple: make the most of the plethora of services and facilities AUT has to offer.

“AUT’s services and facilities are of a very high quality and provide a brilliant space for you to develop your passions and showcase your talents. Practising meeting new people, pitching ideas to others and learning other social skills is important as the connections you develop are vital for both your time at university and beyond.”

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