Rusila Waqasobasoba

Rusila Waqasobasoba

Financial Assurance Associate, PwC
Bachelor of Business in Economics

She decided to study business to become familiar with modern business technology and applications, says Rusila Waqasobasoba who completed a Bachelor of Business in Economics and now works as a financial assurance associate at PwC.

“I knew a degree in business would give me the opportunity to challenge myself and grow in my professional development. AUT appealed to me because of the welcoming atmosphere I encountered on my first day of Orientation. Everyone was really polite and helpful. I knew I had made the right choice to enrol at AUT. The classes are flexible to fit students’ schedule, there’s a wide choice of resources and the learning atmosphere is supportive.”

Meeting people from all nationalities and backgrounds was one of the highlights of her time at AUT.

“This taught me to accept individuals of all ethnicities and nationalities for who they are, as well as embrace faiths other than my own. It also aided me in gaining new experiences and remaining open-minded, welcoming and understanding of people's differences.”

Valuable workplace experience
For Rusila, her final-year workplace experience was another standout experience for her and she enjoyed completing her placement through a virtual internship with an Australian company.

“My workplace experience was with Australian company BenchOn, a business to business (B2B) sharing economy platform that allows companies to earn revenue by loaning out their staff members to another business that needs them. Businesses can access talent from BenchOn while these employees remain with their parent companies.”

Rusila says she jumped at the chance to complete a virtual internship to gain first-hand experience of how companies adjusted to the global pandemic.

“A virtual internship is considerably different from a traditional internship, and I knew this could be a great opportunity to learn something new. The pandemic has changed my perspective on what the future of working environments will look like. I wanted to experience first-hand what working remotely would look like. This virtual internship has broadened my worldview and helped me make valuable international connections.”

Advice for other students
Rusila’s advice for other students is simple: don’t limit yourself.

“Expand your horizons because you’ll learn valuable lessons along the way. Step out of your comfort zone because that’s the only way you’ll grow. Participate in any opportunities that are presented to you.”

She would strongly recommend AUT’s business degree to other students.

“The Bachelor of Business gives you a broad range of academic information and abilities that can be used in a range of worldwide professional careers. You'll obtain transferrable skills, broaden your views and develop a global perspective. You’ll also be able to learn how to solve problems and allocate scarce resources to find solutions.”

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