RunZe (Mark) Li

RunZe (Mark) Li

Civil Engineer, Beca
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering (First Class)

His final-year engineering project was one of the highlights of his studies at AUT, says RunZe (Mark) Li who came to AUT as an international student from China to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering.

“Before I came to AUT, I was living and studying in Singapore and the courses in AUT’s construction engineering degree perfectly matched the diploma I studied in Singapore. I especially enjoyed the final-year project as it gave me a chance to work through the whole process of a project with my team. We applied our knowledge of designing, constructing and selling a building, which gave me a better understanding of the different stages of a construction project.”

He is grateful for the supportive lecturers he had throughout his studies.

“While I was working on my final-year project, Dr Roo Kalatehjari gave me a geotechnical report which helped me a lot with my foundation designs. The report also showed me the specifications that are most important to geotechnical engineers. I also appreciated when Dr Shahab Ramhormozian brought us to a steel factory and told us more about the construction processes.”

An exciting engineering career
Now working as a civil engineer for Beca, Mark loves working on a wide range of engineering works.

“In this role, I’m responsible for providing management, surveillance and quality assurance services for a range of different projects. So far I’ve worked on four retirement village civil works, the Ara Tūhono pavement works, the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative civil works and a number of university buildings. I like solving problems and I like the different challenges my work offers.”

There is one project he is particularly proud of in his career so far.

“I’m particularly proud of applying my engineering technical skills on the Northcote safe cycle route construction and helping the client to open the bridge on time. I supported the designer in making adjustments to ensure that the contractor could complete the project at the desired quality standard and within the required timeframe.”

Advice for other students
Mark, who graduated from AUT in 2019, has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to think bigger and deeper, and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Efficient work distribution will resolve 90% of the problems.”

He would highly recommend the construction engineering degree to other students.

“The wide range of subjects covered within the programme gives you more options for your career. Most of the academic staff at AUT also have extensive on-site experience, which enables students to acquire knowledge from real case studies.”

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