Robert Eager

Robert Eager

Data Analyst, NSW Health, Sydney
Master of Health Informatics student

He was looking for a degree that would both consolidate and push his knowledge, says Robert Eager who was already working in the health IT sector before enrolling in a Master of Health Informatics.

“What I liked about AUT’s Master of Health Informatics degree was that it appeared to do both, being a mix of classwork and independent research.

“The main attraction for me was that AUT’s degree included the use of independent research throughout the degree, whereas a number of other health informatics degrees I looked at were all classwork-based.”

Exploring real-life issues
He has had many highlights throughout his studies, Robert says.

“One of the major highlights has been the advancement of my skills in machine learning and data mining. My understanding of this area has significantly influenced my selection in my current position.”

He appreciates that the academic staff bring real-life problems into the classroom, and encourage independent investigation and learning.

“For my major project I’m hoping to match hospitalisation data with economic index data for people with diabetes. There have been a number of studies looking at rehospitalisation rates, but few have looked at the impact of economic status. I hope to find economic factors that could be targeted to reduce rehospitalisation.”

The support to succeed
He appreciated the support available to him throughout his studies, Robert says.

“As a contractor I moved around quite a bit during my degree, including overseas. For example, I’ve recently obtained a position as a data analyst for NSW Health, developing performance metrics for the state-wide electronic medical records.

“AUT was very supportive of me, enabling me to take a number of classes remotely and providing me with a VPN I could use to access software through the university network.”

Robert says he would encourage others to study the Master of Health Informatics.

“You’ll find AUT a great place to study. AUT is a progressive university with high-quality lecturers and a supportive approach towards the working student. Take your study in the direction you want to go, and AUT will support you.”