Riya Koshy

Riya Koshy

4th-year student, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering

The welcoming and diverse environment is what she enjoys most about her studies, says mechanical engineering student Riya Koshy.

“AUT has such a friendly and welcoming environment – the diversity and inclusive nature are what set it apart from other universities. I also love that AUT is very up-to-date and always adapting to keep up with the changing world.”

There are plenty of opportunities to network and develop your skills, Riya says.

“AUT organises so many opportunities and events that really help you grow. For example, I’ve been involved in the AUT Edge Award and am also an AUT student ambassador. Networking gives you access to so many opportunities, all across the world. I’m glad I chose to study at AUT.”

Finding her passion
Studying engineering was the obvious choice for her, says Riya.

“I always enjoyed mathematics at school, and was interested in how things worked. Engineering fits that well. My engineering degree has been very interesting. As I learn how or why certain things – sometimes very simple everyday things – work, I gain a new sense of appreciation for them. It’s so valuable when you realise how much engineering affects everything around us.”

She discovered her passion for mechanical engineering in her first year at AUT, she says.

“I chose to major in mechanical engineering because I really enjoyed the papers on engineering design and materials in my first year. Eventually, I would love to get involved in a career that really lets me apply all the things I’ve learnt during my studies.”

Advice for other students
She would highly recommend studying mechanical engineering, Riya says.

“I’d definitely recommend this programme, especially to women. It would be great to see more female faces taking up mechanical engineering. It’s such an interesting programme, and there are so many opportunities and so much support to help you progress.”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling, she adds.

“There’s plenty of support at AUT. The lecturers are very helpful, and it’s easier when you’re working in a supportive peer group. Try to be organised and keep on top of the workload. Make lots of friends, and make sure you attend the many events and networking opportunities.”