Ritwik Varma

Ritwik Varma

Graduate Diploma in Advertising Creativity

Being able to work on a number of creative projects is what Ritwik Varma loved most about studying advertising.

“For me, one of the best things about the Graduate Diploma in Advertising Creativity was the diversity of the projects that we got to work on. That not only gives you a holistic knowledge of advertising and the advertising industry, but also keeps the learning process interesting.”

His passion for advertising clearly shows, and has already earned him some well-deserved industry attention.

“I participated in a student advertising competition organised by News Works, and won the first prize in their topical brief challenge. Students from three advertising schools participated in this competition, and I’m pleased to have won.”

Creating career-ready graduates
He wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Graduate Diploma in Advertising Creativity, Ritwik says.

“I would recommend this programme because the lecturers are fabulous, the course content covers a decent range of subjects, and it gives you the chance to build a top-class portfolio. Ideally, I’d like to be a copywriter in an advertising agency but I’d settle for any place where I can get paid to come up with ideas, write and most importantly, wear shorts to work.”

The programme prepares students well for their future career, Ritwik says.

“AUT is the university for the changing world because the things we learn here are continuously revised and kept up-to-date. Add to this some great facilities, and you graduate well-prepared and ready to get into the industry.”

Support is on hand
He appreciates the support available to students, says Ritwik who came to AUT as an international student from India.

“One of my biggest challenges was finding a part-time job that is suited to my capabilities and experience. Fortunately, AUT’s Employability and Careers team helped me rewrite my CV and cover letter to make them more New Zealand-friendly.”

His advice for other students is to make the most of the lecturers’ expertise.

“Use your teachers well – ask them questions, take ideas to them and discuss interesting things with them. There are a lot of great people and they will help you improve a lot.”