Riaz Uddin

Riaz Uddin

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

For his PhD research, biomedical engineer Riaz Uddin is focusing on innovative uses of ultrasound in therapeutic devices.

“I’m working on novel applications of ultrasound that haven’t been explored before. We’re expecting innovative outcomes from this research, and the findings could be very helpful for the medical profession.”

His research is supervised by Professor Ahmed Al Jumaily who was a key reason Riaz chose to come to AUT for his doctoral studies.

“I’m doing my PhD under Professor Ahmed Al Jumaily who is renowned around the globe for his work in the field of bioengineering. I enjoy having such a learned and supportive supervisor who can lead my research to the right path.”

A strong research culture
Riaz would highly recommend postgraduate study at the AUT Institute Biomedical Technologies (IBTec), which brings together AUT researchers from engineering and health sciences.

“There is some very innovative work going on at IBTec, and it offers such a strong research culture, encouraging learning environment and support for its postgraduate students. I also appreciate having access to all the facilities required for my research, including simulation software such as Ansys, a 3D printing lab, laser equipment, acoustic equipment and devices, and an electronics lab.

The staff have been one of the highlights of his studies.

“The teaching and support staff are always ready to help. For example, when I lost my father in a road accident back in Pakistan, I had to travel back to my home country and take a break to support my family. AUT supported me at every point throughout this difficult time.”

A passion for research
He has always enjoyed being involved in research, Riaz says.

“I’ve always had a passion to research, and been keen to learn the underlying processes of any system and apply my learning to innovate. Completing my master’s degree in engineering by research further motivated me to enrol in a PhD degree and be involved in doctoral research.”

Expecting to complete his PhD at the end of 2021, further research is on the cards for Riaz in future.

“My goal is to continue doing research in biomedical engineering, specifically in bioinstrumentation, and apply for a post-doctoral position once I finish my doctoral degree.”

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