Reza Nemati

Reza Nemati

Medical Lab Scientist, Canterbury Health Laboratories
Doctor of Philosophy

Deciding to come to AUT to complete his PhD in biomedical sciences was an excellent choice, says Dr Reza Nemati who came to AUT as an international student from Iran, supported by a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

“I enjoyed studying at AUT. When I explored my study options, I was applying for different universities and I liked that AUT is the youngest university in New Zealand. I could see this would offer me more opportunities. AUT was an excellent choice, and I enjoyed meeting good friends and getting to know different cultures. I’m also proud of receiving a publication award and an innovation reward, being able to publish a number of papers, and completing my PhD without any issues.”

For his doctoral research, Reza focused on type 2 diabetes.

“My research explored bile acids and FGF19 in the remission of type 2 diabetes mellitus after bariatric surgery. There are many people who live with diabetes, including my loved ones, so diabetes is still my passion today and I continue to look for more opportunities to study and research this topic.”

Reza’s PhD research was supervised by Professor Jun Lu from AUT’s School of Science, as well as Associate Professor Rinki Murphy and Associate Professor Lindsay Plank from The University of Auckland.

Making a positive impact
Since graduating from AUT, Reza is now applying his understanding of biomedical science as a medical lab scientist at Canterbury Health Laboratories.

“I’m working in the special chemistry department, and am involved in assay development and validation using chromatography and mass spectrometry, plus the routine measurement of specific diagnostic tests such as for vitamins.”

He is proud of making a positive impact on people’s lives.

“I enjoy that in this role I can do good things for the public, and can help clinicians and other health professionals make better decisions for the people who visit them. It’s a good feeling to be able to contribute to people’s quality of life.  That’s my all-time life passion regardless of which country I’m living in.”

Advice for other students
Reza, who completed his PhD at the end of 2017, has some great advice for other students.

“My advice for other students is to study for what you like and live for what you love.”

It’s important to bond with your classmates, he adds.

“Respect your classmates as they could be your colleagues or your boss in the future. Try to help people who are less skilled on a topic than you are.”

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