Rena Zhu

Rena Zhu

Business Studies Teacher, Glenfield College
Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching
Bachelor of Business in Marketing, Advertising, Retailing and Sales & Economics

She has always been passionate about business, says Rena Zhu who completed a Bachelor of Business in 2018, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching in 2019.

“I’ve always been a business minded person and loved the idea of starting up a business myself one day. I decided to study at AUT because it has a business degree with many areas to major in and offers a university environment I could thrive in.

“A highlight for me was being able to build great relationships with the academic staff and making lots of close friends who were on the same journey as I was. I was particularly impressed by my first-year economics lecturer, Dr Stephanié Rossouw, who was a brilliant lecturer. The way she engaged the class and taught made it easy to learn. She made me want to go down the path of majoring in economics.”

Rena says her studies inspired her to share her passion for business with others and become a secondary teacher.

“After my business degree I enrolled in the one-year Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching to move into a career in teaching. Throughout my undergraduate degree I had realised that I found it rewarding to be able to help someone learn something new and guide them towards their achievement. Seeing that ‘lightbulb’ moment in others is why I wanted to be a teacher; I wanted to be able to help students understand what they’re learning using different teaching strategies.”

Inspiring others
As a teacher at Glenfield College, Rena loves teaching NCEA level business studies to Year 11 to 13 students.

“My job consists of meeting lots of students with different personalities and learning styles, and engaging them with the content I teach. The students here at Glenfield College are amazing and I love coming to work. I like that no two days in my work are the same, and I particularly enjoy going on field trips with my students.”

In her role now she constantly draws on the skills she developed during her time at AUT.

“My time at AUT has taught me the skills to be a leader, to be confident and to step outside of my comfort zone. I enjoy passing these skills on to my students who will ultimately be the ones shaping our futures and communities. I think it’s really important that students learn these transferrable skills to succeed in whatever they wish to do.”

Advice for other students
Rena has some great advice for other students.

“My advice for other students is not to be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure about something, and to be organised and manage your time wisely.”

Make the most of the opportunities available to you, she adds.

“Get out there and join as many student clubs as you like. For me, joining lots of different clubs and meeting people who were studying all sorts of degrees was a highlight of my time at university. You should also join the AUT Edge Award and, most importantly, have fun.”

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