Redmond Mortimer

Redmond Mortimer

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Networks and Cybersecurity

It was a radio broadcast that inspired him to change careers and study towards a career in cybersecurity, says Redmond Mortimer who is now in the final year of his Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Networks and Cybersecurity.

“During my time working in jewellery fabrication, I found myself listening to a radio broadcast by the New Zealand Intelligence Community (NZIC), advertising the need for individuals coming from diverse backgrounds. At the time I knew nothing about cybersecurity but I decided to take the plunge and immerse myself in the field.”

Having made that decision, Redmond then set out to research his university study options.

“As someone with a background in microbiology and no stranger to scientific methods, my approach to learning has always been methodical. I wanted a hands-on and well-structured foundation in IT to propel me forward into the industry.

“After a week researching the field and looking at several study options, I decided on AUT. This decision was motivated by AUT’s hands-on learning approach, courses that are being updated to meet the ever-changing cyber landscape, and helpful staff who want to see students succeed.”

The right choice
He would highly recommend the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Networks and Cybersecurity to others interested in this field.

“The programme has recently undergone a refresher, keeping content relevant to the industry. I’ve also really enjoyed the learning atmosphere that AUT fosters. Those who enjoy study naturally push the boundaries of the curriculum. To me, this is what keeps the content interesting. However, a willing student is not enough to achieve this; the environment must be right. At AUT I have experienced teaching teams who understand this.”

There is one lecturer who has made a particular impression on Redmond.

“I see Steffan Hooper as one of AUT’s great minds. He has a passion for both programming and teaching, which sparked an enthusiasm I didn’t know I had. People like him are critical in the learning environment.”

Advice for other students
Redmond has some great advice for other students.

“Everyone has doubts, but what will see you through those are the conscious decisions you make. Like a muscle, the more you practise making the decisions that progress your goals, the easier it becomes. You should also congratulate yourself on your achievements, however small they may be.”

He also has some specific advice for people already in the workplace but thinking about changing careers.

“Switching careers can be daunting, with many unknowns. However, the timing is great. At AUT you’ll be in good hands, with a structure designed to see you through to a job at the end. AUT also has a good policy that recognises previous study, enabling a competitive time to get into your new industry.”

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