Rebecca Keven

Rebecca Keven

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Science in Psychology

She loved being able to study different science disciplines as part of her degree, says Rebecca Keven who is now in the final year of her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

“I’ve always had a passion for science, but never felt interested in studying only one aspect of it. The Bachelor of Science has given me so many opportunities to explore all the different avenues of science. I’ve completed courses on chemistry, statistics, ecology, human anatomy, even geology – all while studying psychology as a major – so I’ve gained a very well-rounded education in the science field. I’d recommend this degree to anyone who wants the chance to study everything!”

The practical aspects of her degree have been another highlight for her.

“AUT appealed to me as a university because of its emphasis on practical education – there are so many opportunities for workplace experience, field trips, labs and workshops that enrich your knowledge beyond the classroom. I struggle to learn through reading and writing alone, so having the chance to gain hands-on experience has been a major advantage.”

Finding her path
Having long been interested in sports and human performance, Rebecca admits that at first she wasn’t sure she could combine her passion for sport with her psychology degree.

“Initially, I didn’t think psychology and sport had much of a relationship, but in my social psychology course in my second year the lecturer taught me that it’s not unreasonable to study both. Psychology and the mind are integral parts of human performance. This inspired me to complete a personal training qualification alongside my degree, which was a great decision.

“I hope to enrol in a Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise next year, and eventually the Master of Sport, Exercise and Health. I’ll carry all my psychology knowledge with me along the way and I’d like to enrol in some more psychology courses at postgraduate level as well.”

Her advice for other students is simple: you don’t need to have everything figured out on day one.

“Opportunities will present themselves along the way. Keep an open mind and say yes to as many things as possible; you don’t know what will come of it if you don’t give it a go.”

Making the most of uni life
Rebecca says she was amazed by AUT’s student life.

“The culture at AUT is so welcoming and, even though it’s a larger university, it feels like such a tight-knit community. Even before enrolling, I was told that AUT is a great place if you’re looking for the true student experience. You can walk through campus at any time and bump into 10 people you know, and even the security guards will stop for a chat.

“The students’ association, AUTSA, hosts some awesome events throughout the year, so there’s always something to look forward to on campus. AUT definitely understands that social support is such an important part of success not just academically but also for the enjoyment of the university journey.”

She also loved having the opportunity to work as a residential assistant at the Wellesley Student Apartments and looking after other students living in AUT student accommodation.

“This was such a unique role where I got to live a stone’s throw from the AUT City Campus and act as a mentor, support person and ‘big sister’ to hundreds of AUT students living there. No two days were the same and there’s never a dull moment in the halls! It was such an influential part of my time at AUT.”

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